Beauty Personal Care Skin Care

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Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Modere has been the first health and wellness company I have come across where even beauty personal care skin care has become stylish and cool. I thought skin care was more for females but having partnered with Modere I have now begun using their anti-aging system called   Modere I/D. […]

Half Marathon Training 8 Weeks To Success


Half Marathon Training 8 Weeks How do you accomplish half marathon training success within 8 weeks? Razor sharp focus, that is how. Can you even get into the proper shape to race a half marathon in 8 weeks? The answer to that is yes but your success really is going to come down to cutting out […]

Online Home Business Millionaire


Online Home Business Millionaire What does seeking to be an online home business millionaire have to do with a fitness and running website? A lot. Why? If you have ownership of your money, you have ownership of your time. The majority of the people that I know who are focused on what Constant Negative News […]

Health Wealth And Freedom

Health Wealth And Freedom

Health Wealth And Freedom You only spoil people when you give them something that they haven’t earned – Grant Cardone, entrepreneur, author of The 10X Rule ‘Remember me when you are rich’ I have been told. No, I remembered you when we both were scraping by and shared some insight that I have been taught […]

How To Run Faster With Less Effort

How To Run Faster With Less Effort I wanted to create a video about how to run faster with less effort. This is an often asked question and the bottom line is there is no easy answer or way to run faster. It takes a lot of focus, patience and a commitment to excellence. Running […]

30 Marathon Running Tips That Work

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Marathon Running Tips There are many marathon running tips to follow. There are far more that many runners have never considered implementing in their training, which can make a significant difference in the way they train and race. It doesn’t have to be complicated but often times we make it more than it needs to […]

Aging Anti Cream Modere

aging anti cream

Aging Anti Cream Are you seeking an aging anti cream that will help your skin look smother and defy the aging process. I would highly recommend Modere I/D anti aging system. Modere is a relatively new company but has a wide variety of health and wellness, household and personal care products that I am truly turned […]

Everywhere you go on this planet. Somebody is trying to stop you. Stop signs. Red lights. Policeman. Traffic. People going slow. People won’t help you. Everywhere you go there is rejection and push back and stop, don’t do that and thats not right. All these social things you can do and you can’t say this and you can’t say that. Be careful this, be careful that. You really need to get a team of people around you that say ‘Hey, don’t worry about it, be dangerous and go fast. If you are going to mess up, do it big and do it quick. Americans are becoming too risk adverse. – Grant Cardone, real estate expert, entrepreneur

Best Glutathione Supplements

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Best Glutathione Supplements If someone were to ask me based on my 24 years exercise performance background what the best glutathione supplements were I would point them to Max International. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant. Every living cell within the human body produces it but very few people truly realize the importance of the […]