Become A Max International Sales Associate

max international sales associate

Max International Sales Associate The biggest reason I share Max International, a company I partnered with a year ago, is the fact that it is a method for distance runners and fitness enthusiasts to live healthier and grow their net worth. That being said, you dont even have to be an athlete. You don’t need […]

No Slack If You Want To Be A Great Runner

No Slack While I was stationed at Fort Campbell I worked with a Command Sergeant Major (highest rank for an enlisted Soldier) who had “no slack” as her license plate. I’ll never  CSM Teresa King for as long as I live. She was the first female ever to become the Commodant of the US Army Drill […]

Health Diet Plan For Runners And Non-Runners

health diet plan

Health Diet Plan Let me first state that this is not just a health diet plan for runners but for anyone seeking to live a better life and lifestyle. Our working environment has caused many people to give up time they could be spending on their health. In addition, learning ways to give up the […]

The Glutathione Company You Need To Know About

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The Glutathione Company Max International, a health and wellness personal development company disguised as a network marketing business is termed the glutathione company for good reason. They are the only company on the market that have pro ducted that contained Riboceine. A patented, breakthrough nutrient that was created by Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa to help […]

Find Your Why In Athletics And Lifestyle

find your why

Find Your Why I have friends in the running community who cannot get enough of posting their weekly mileage and workouts on social media. They love having their friends and family glamouring over what they are doing. It is like they are craving for attention so that someone, somewhere will be impressed with the amount […]

How To Perform Higher At Your Local 5K Races

Local 5K Races There are so many local 5k races that take place across the world every weekend. How do you maximize the most out of your mental and physical characteristics to get the level of results that you want? Well, my expertise is more in the longer events and still consider my 5K personal record […]

Success Leaves Clues For Those Seeking It

success leaves clues

Success Leaves Clues We all have been taught or heard that success leaves clues but have we become too entertained to pay attention? One of my biggest regrets in life is that I gave so much of my precious time to entertainment (television) and did not seek out knowledge first. Have you ever poured out […]

7 Workouts For Long Distance Runners That Work

Workouts For Long Distance Runners These workouts for long distance runners are not only physical but mental. It is the mental side of training that we fail to utilize that often in our running goals and put most of our emphasis on physical training. I have been competing for over 23 years, the last 7 […]

YOU Before Me | A Rundreamachieve Creation


You Before Me Health and fitness, if you have been a long enough reader of rundreamachieve, is of extreme importance to me. Health also includes being free from stress and the worry that many people feel with their jobs. I recently finished a new website called You Before Me and the idea behind this creation […]

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Growth vs Fixed Mindset I wanted to write about mindset cause this is such a big part of our sport. There is a multi-millionaire who mentors me who told me, Nate, 95% of success in network marketing is mental, the other is 5% strategy. What I took from that to me is what I learned directly […]

Outdoor Running Treadmill Alternatives

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Outdoor Running Treadmill Outdoor running treadmill options are available for runners who would rather train on the treadmill than in cold temperatures. I have utilized treadmill training over the years several times being an Ohio valley native. Winters in Ohio can be atrocious and it makes little to no sense to try to train through […]

Glutathione Precursors And Their Importance For Runners

half marathon running schedule

Glutathione Precursors I have to admit after having been an athlete for the past 23 years I didnt even know what gluathione or glutathione precursors were. The idea that there was an antioxidant in our body that every cell creates that detoxifies toxins within our body’s was something I had never researched. It wasn’t until […]

Fit Mom Fitness

fit mom fitness

Fit Mom Fitness I was raised by a single mother so my admiration and respect for what mothers do will always remain high. Fit mom fitness is the epitome of what true strength is. There are millions of mothers around the world juggling work responsibilities, raising their children and still putting in the mileage to prepare […]

Recreational Running

recreational running

Recreational Running I have been working on a new mastermind fitness membership site that I am calling recreational running. The recreational running community is enormous and far greater of a niche than athletes seeking to break a 3 hour marathon or qualify for the Olympic Trials. Recreational Running will be an offshoot of rundreamachieve but […]

The Military Education Your Text Book Wont Teach

training awesome tips

The Military Education The military education you will not here from your recruiter or drill sergeant is how to think for yourself. The military profession is not for everyone and there will be times where you may question what you are doing even signing up. I have been an active duty member for nearly the […]

Max International Nutritional Supplements

max international nutritional supplements

Max International Nutritional Supplements Do you want to know more about max international nutritional supplements? How good of a runner do you want to become? Are you interested in running a better race? Well than you have to take the time to learn about energy production within your body. I am not continually throwing max […]

Beyond Aspire Explore Why So Many Accept Normal

the status quo revolution

Beyond Aspire Explore We have to get beyond aspiring for wealth and stability and figure how why so many accept normal. I read about an acquaintance of mine who is a military member. He posted on his Facebook wall that he was released from his Physician Assistant program at a nearby University. Due to just […]

Online Leadership Training For Athletes And Non-Athletes

online leadership training

Online Leadership Training Leadership can be defined in so many ways, how is my post on online leadership training going to be any different? Well, I would prefer to be candid, blunt, honest and up front about what I consider leadership to be. My two least favorite words in the english language are comply and […]

Interest Versus Commitment

interest versus commitment

Interest Versus Commitment I wanted to write about the differences between interest versus commitment as it really has been on my mind lately. This has weighed heavily on my heart, because I see so many people who are settling. I work with wonderful people, both civilians and military, within a hospital. I talk about trading time for […]

7 Training Awesome Tips To Dominate Running in 2014

training awesome tips

Training Awesome Tips Well I don’t really know what training awesome tips are but I do know that keyword was searched 4,118 times in the month of September globally and in the month of July, 21,274 times so somebody wants to know and I intend to deliver. Awesome training takes a different mindset. It takes […]

Natural Testosterone Supplements And Glutathione Balance

Natural Testosterone Supplements People search for natural testosterone supplements thousands of times per month but what is not as readily known to endurance athletes, power lifters or anyone interested in greater strength and stamina is the role Glutathione plays. Glutathione actually protects and detoxifies our cells. I got involved with Max International in February of […]

Half Marathon Running Schedule Tips For Excellence

half marathon running schedule

Half Marathon Running Schedule A half marathon running schedule that will set runners up for success is one that is set up to train the athlete to prepare for their goal race pace. You have to have a plan going into a half marathon, even if you are brand new to the sport. We all […]

Recreational Running And Why We All Need It


Recreational Running Our sport is demanding but recreational running is different. It isn’t that recreational runners are any less worthy of prestige or winning races. Their viewpoint of running isn’t to qualify for the Boston Marathon, earn a ticket to the Olympic Trials or win their age group at the local road race. They simply […]

Fitness Program For Weight Loss That Will Yield Results

fitness program for weight loss

Fitness Program For Weight Loss One of skills as an athlete is to get individuals to break free from mental barriers and help them achieve what they believe was impossible. I will be discussing a fitness program for weight loss combined with an intense desire to not just be interested in losing weight but fully […]

How Max International Can Help You Run Faster

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Max International I want to first point out that if I were not a max international associate I would still be writing this article for rundreamachieve. I say that because I could go up to 10 middle to long distance runners, triathletes and ultra marathoners and ask them this question and get 10 deer-in-the-headlight looks […]

The Power Of The Max International App

max international app

Max International App There are numerous mobile phone apps on the market today. That being said, how many free mobile phone apps like the max international app can help you more effectively run and build your business? How many mobile phone apps can help you grow your residual income potential? The max international app can […]

Runners, Keep Your Commitment To Your Commitment

keep your commitment to your commitment

Keep your commitment to your commitment I first heard this quote by motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author, Les Brown. He said Keep your commitment to your commitment It made me think of all the runners out there, myself included, who have had to endure setback after setback in order to have one solid race. There […]

2:02:57 World Record And What Can We Learn From It?

2:02:57 world record

2:02:57 World Record The greatest lesson I took from watching the 2014 Berlin marathon and witnessing what Daniel Kimetto did was this. The lesson in failure. Few outside of the sport world know that Daniel Kimetto has only been running for 2 years. He set a debut world record last year at the Berlin Marathon […]

Is Ribose And Athletic Performance Linked?

Ribose and athletic performance We as athletes can become very focused on our training but sadly most of us know nothing about ribose and it’s effect on athletic performance There is nothing on about it. What we get is recaps of what world-class athletes did in national or international races. The bottom line up […]

Master Antioxidant Glutathione | Master Your Health

Antioxidant Glutathione Very few people know of the body’s master antioxidant glutathione. It is found in every cell of the body. There are now over 118,000 peer-reviewed articles written about it on the PubMed, an online resource comprised of over 24-million citations for biomedical literature, life science journals and online books. In comparison, as of […]

Why Progression Runs Are Vital For Endurance Success

Progression Runs There is not one runner on the planet who has tried to race and got frustrated by having to slow down. Progression runs teach you the exact opposite. The name of the game in this sport is being able to handle ever-increasing amounts of lactic acid building up in the blood stream. The […]

Heat Training For Beginner And Advanced Athletes

 Heat training can be your best adversary to not only prepare for races that are in hotter climates but also test your mindset, how badly you want to succeed. Veteran athletes and total newbies alike have all experienced how heat can affect performance. I can remember one of my biggest failures but also a race that […]

Got Glutathione? The Master Of All Antioxidants Benefits

got glutathione

Got Glutathione? Athletes should know about it, most don’t. Non-athletes should seek it as a detoxifier and strengthener of the immune system. It is called glutathione and it is the body’s master antioxidant. If our liver is the washing machine of cleaning up toxins and environmental pollutants than glutathione is the detergent. All it takes […]

Glutathione And Athletic Performance | Glutathione For Fitness Health

glutathione and athletic performance

Glutathione And Athletic Performance How does glutathione and athletic performance relate? The truth is most athletes don’t even know what it is, without it no athlete can compete at their best. Why? The path to distance running success involves a lot more then just the training itself. We as runners have the physical aspect of […]

30 Marathon Running Tips That Work

Marathon Running Tips There are many marathon running tips to follow. There are far more that many runners have never considered implementing in their training, which can make a significant difference in the way they train and race. It doesn’t have to be complicated but often times we make it more than it needs to […]