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If you are fired up about your health, fitness and seek entrepreneurial freedom. I want to work with you. I have been competing for 25 years at the local, national and international level. As a 2:19 marathoner I can tell you one thing, I understand what it takes to be fully committed to a goal and am committed to helping you reach yours. Let's make it happen. Welcome to R.D.A.

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Max International Scam

Max International Scam There is no such thing as a max international scam. I can assure you of this and having been a max international business owner for the past 3 and half years I am living proof it is no scam. It is a …

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Glutathione Weight Loss

Glutathione Weight Loss Did you know that every cell of your body has a glutathione weight loss fighting capability. How does glutathione help one lose weight? What is glutathione? I can tell you that little to any athlete and non-athlete …
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