2:00:25 Marathon | Eliud Kipchoge

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2:00:25 Marathon

What is just witnessed in Eluid Kipchoge running a 2:00:25 marathon is clear indication why mindset and wearable technology is so important in athletic competition.

I never thought I’d live to see someone run that fast for that far.

He averaged 4:35 per mile for 26 miles and as a marathoner with a 2:19:35 best, what I saw simply blew my mind.

I invested in a company called World Global Network for this very reason.

I know where this industry is going and can see the opportunity.

Wearable technology is set to become a $34 billion dollar industry by 2020 according to Forbes magazine.

Athletes such as Kipchoge saw the importance of wearable technology in the heart rate monitor training he did and the shoes he was wearing among other helpful factors.

Nike, of course, knows a lot about it as you could see the athletes who took part in the breaking2 marathon attempt were catered to.

Wearable technology like the Helo LX watch is why companies like World Global Network are going to take off.

WGN has already generated $157 million dollars in 2016 alone and are set to become a $2 billion dollar company by 2020.

No other direct sales company in the history of the network marketing profession has ever done that.


No one has considered how powerful wearable technology and we clearly saw that today with Kipchoge’s 2:00:25 marathon.

Why Purchase A Helo LX Watch And Get Involved

A big reason is for the health and wellness aspect of the watch and the features it provides to the customer.

You may be just learning about this incredible 2:00:25 Eliud just ran in Italy during the Nike Breaking 2 event.

What was at the heart of it all was wearable technology.

2:00:25 marathon

Shoes, what the industry is calling, smart shoes, along with every other component of sports medicine was used during this competition.

As an athlete with over 26 years of national and international experience investing in purchasing a helo lx watch for not only myself but for 4 other family members was a no-brainer.

One, wearable technology is only going to take off and continue to grow.

Two, the watch has more capabilities and functions than any other watch on the market, bar none.

A panic button in case you or a loved one are in trouble which sends a GPS text message to your loved ones cell phone and e-mail address.

The capability to monitor your loved ones vital signs from another state by way of the helo app.

These are just a few of the many capabilities the helo lx watch provides.

A man just ran 2:00:25 for the marathon.

I almost cannot believe what I just watched.

Witnessing this only solidified why wearable technology whether it be shoes, sunglasses or the helo health monitor, is where the business opportunity is at.

Where health and wellness and the welfare of those you love is at.

If you have ever wanted to take your health and wellness as well as your financial future to new levels.

I strongly recommend considering world global network and signing up to purchase the helo lx watch and become a WGN entrepreneur.

Get yourself involved with a soon-to-be multi-billion dollar company.

The only company in the direct sales industry that is focused on wearable technology.

There are literally thousands of network marketing companies focused on health and wellness.

There is only one which now sees where the future of wearable technology is and has now done it with the helo lx.

Numerous articles have now been written about the helo and world global network here on RDA.

The question is will you see what I, as a 2:19:35 marathoner, have seen and take action like I did.

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