Persistence Running And Why It Is Essential To PR

bristol half marathon

Persistence running Persistence running is all about taking the goal you have, breaking it down into smaller pieces and focusing on achieving them. I received word that a great friend of mine and former army world class program teammate, Kenny Foster, had won the Penn Relays 10,000m event last thursday outrunning a very strong field […]

Half Marathon Training Mastery

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Half marathon training Half Marathon training isn’t really that much different than training for a marathon. You need to sharpen both your stamina and endurance to run both. Speed kills but unless you are running sub 6, sub 5 pace speed isn’t the key ingredient for this race. Train faster It is less an anaerobic […]

How 3 Of The World’s Greatest Coaches Can Help You

bristol half marathon

World’s greatest coaches What can 3 of the world’s greatest coaches do for you and your running? Let’s discuss. When excellence is in sight, good is not enough I first read that quote by coach Joe Vigil¬†when I was a freshman in college attending Malone College (now university) in Canton, Ohio. I was lucky to […]