How To Run A Marathon In Under 4 Hours Faster Guaranteed

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Run A Marathon In Under 4 Hours To run a marathon in under 4 hours one must be able to maintain pace and fuel properly. The marathon is a fuel sport. Run out of gas and what happens? Your stuck on the middle of the road with your thumb up in the air. Don’t be […]

Training Program For Half Marathon Runners

bristol half marathon

Training program for half marathon The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto is a training program for half marathon runners seeking to run below 9.09 per mile pace for 13.1 miles Are you one of the those runners? If you are than I want to tell you this, you have come to the right website. […]

Running Faster Longer, Smarter

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Running Faster Longer Takes Patience If you have running faster longer as a goal the most important tip I can give is to be patient. Patience and persistence are the two more crucial attributes to champions in this sport because the results simply don’t come overnight. They cannot be rushed. The body will respond provided […]

Why A Marathon Fueling Plan Is Essential To PR

Marathon fueling plan One of the biggest requests I get from readers is a suggestions on a better marathon fueling plan. Let’s face it, the marathon is a fuel event. You don’t experience the complexities of maintaining glycogen stores in a 5K or 10K. It happens in the marathon. Runners are very good at mastering […]