Earn A Qualifying Time For Boston Marathon

qualifying time for boston marathon

Qualifying Time For Boston Marathon The qualifying time for boston marathon participation is not easy. You would think having run under 2.20 for the classic distance me mentioning that it isn’t easy would be comical, not so. Runners at my level or above should pay more respect to runners seeking to earn a qualifying time […]

Training A Week Before Half Marathon

bristol half marathon

Training a week before half marathon What should runners do in training a week before half marathon races? I thought this would be a great topic to write a post on considering how many runners compete at the 13.1 mile distance every year. According to Running USA’s Half-Marathon Report there were 1.85 million people who […]

What Is Runners High?

bristol half marathon

What is runners high? You could ask 100 different runners what is runners high and you may just get 100 different answers. Runners high, to me, is feeling as if regardless what pace I am at or what distance I am running it is effortless. I had a feeling that is hard to describe when […]

3 Fartlek Run Workouts To Make Runners Dangerous

bristol half marathon

Fartlek run A fartlek run can be of the best things you can do in your training if you haven’t already implemented this into your schedule. Every race we are faced with ever increasing changes in pace. We get set into one pace and than find ourselves at the end of the race able to […]