Long Distance Running Tips.

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Long Distance Running Tips The best long distance running tips anyone can provide you is this, you have to enjoy the sport. You have to have a passion for the work you are doing. Long distance running involves an enormous amount of time, energy and commitment. If you are reading this I already know you […]

How To Run Better

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How to run better What a waste of time to worry about how you are going to perform. You spend countless hours putting in miles, workouts and long runs. Why do this to yourself. Let go of the worry and grab hold of what you can control. Listen, the person who says you must run […]

Extend Your Long Run To An Hour

Long run How does running get more manageable and your long run easier? The biggest struggle for runners, including myself, when we take time off is to work our way back into fitness. I won’t lie. There is nothing fun about it. It is one thing if you are a seasoned runner who has been […]