Marathon Thoughts

bristol half marathon

I have been having some ‘interesting’ military work weeks as of late and one of the tools I have used to combat stress over the years training for races is humor. Runners deal with a lot. It is a tough sport. We have family and work responsibilities, goals we are trying to reach, stress can […]

Sole To Soul Running

Soul Running This is going to be a short and sweet post pertaining to soul running. Soul running. What is that? It is running with your full focus and commitment to your objective. There isn’t any amount of failure that is going to stop you from reaching the reality you envision. I had you, the […]

Corporate Wellness Plans

Corporate Wellness Plans Whether you are an employee or an employer corporate wellness plans should be a part of your team for overall success. We spend a great deal of our time away from our families and give up a great part of our lives as employees serving in different areas of expertise. Our time […]