How To Overcome Negative Influence From Peers

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Seeking Ways To Overcome Negative Influence? How does one overcome negative influence? Is it easy to not confide in the normal way of thinking that surrounds us? It isn’t always easy. If you question authority you are looked upon as a rebel, disrespectful, an outcast. Negative influences surround us all but it doesn’t mean we […]

High Performance Nutrition

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High Performance Nutrition High performance nutrition is probably one of the most overlooked, undervalued aspects of endurance sport preparation. Have you ever wondered the amount of muscle tissue damage occurs during a 20-mile long run? How about the amount of environmental pollutants we breathe in on a daily basis. What is the point in simply […]

The Status Quo Revolution

the status quo revolution

The Status Quo Revolution Let me first start by including a humorous story from MJ Demarco’s book, Fastlane Millionaire, one of the best books on time that I have ever read, don’t let the book’s name fool you. The “MTV Cribs’ Episode That Never Happened Host: “Today we visit 22-year old Big Daddyhoo and his 8,000 […]