Half Marathon Running Schedule Tips For Excellence

rock and roll half marathon

Half Marathon Running Schedule A half marathon running schedule that will set runners up for success is one that is set up to train the athlete to prepare for their goal race pace. You have to have a plan going into a half marathon, even if you are brand new to the sport. We all […]

Recreational Running And Why We All Need It

Recreational Running Our sport is demanding but recreational running is different. It isn’t that recreational runners are any less worthy of prestige or winning races. Their viewpoint of running isn’t to qualify for the Boston Marathon, earn a ticket to the Olympic Trials or win their age group at the local road race. They simply […]

Endurance Articles By RunDreamAchieve

Endurance Articles

I started rundreamachieve in December of 2011.

What I wanted to do from the start with this site was to create a wealth of endurance articles and lifestyle motivation to my readers.

I never intended it to be specifically about running and nothing else.

There are more ‘blogs’ online than one can count and most of which are specifically only about the owners’ running accolades.

It does not good for me to share every workout I do with you.

Will it help you create lasting health, give you control of your time or help you lose weight?

It may provide motivation but you still have to do the work.

I cannot hold your hand.

It is the same as someone calling themselves an entrepreneur yet doing nothing in the way of actually living the lifestyle of one.

He who would ignite a fire in others must himself glow – Dr. Joe Vigil

Interest is not enough, full commitment is the only way.

Use these endurance articles to help you find your way, especially when it gets tough and when running, your fitness and weight loss goals and life seems overwhelming.

I continue to write extensively here as well as at networkmarketingexec.

Helping people live and think differently for their benefit far outweighs talking about my so-called ‘accolades’.

I am no better than anyone else but I am genuine and want to see people achieve their dreams.

We live in a society where far too much conformity already exists.

The moment you start to do something outside the norm you are looked at as a quack.

Our life is short.

We had no limitations when we were kids, anything was possible and it didn’t matter if you were Black, Indian, Jew, Gentile, Hispanic, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, regardless where you were from or if you were rich or poor, we played together as brothers and sisters.

We need to start living our lives in that manner, where all things are possible and our dreams of living life on our terms is still achievable.

I don’t think enough people believe that much anymore.

We’re all too wrapped up in earning a living instead of living a life.

I am not going to relent on my content or my caring for the readers that visit rundreamachieve and networkmarketingexec.

Live your life to the max.

The clock is ticking, over 2 trillion dollars traded daily on the New York Stock Exchange, money is limitless, our time is not.

There are options to control the limited time you have and also to build your running to the fullest extent.

Are you taking action with full commitment?

The endurance articles contained here can help as can the business related articles at networkmarketingexec.

There is no longer an excuse that you don’t have the time.

Make the time!





Marathon Boston Bombing A 2.19 Marathoner Reflection

Marathon Boston Bombing

The marathon boston bombing that took place in 2013 is one I will never forget in my lifetime.

My views of that day I will keep private.

I believe in the power of our mind and that we always have control of what we decide to feed it.

Negative or positive.

Our choice.

The marathon boston bombing we all witnessed not only shocked many of us, it is a reality, someone, somewhere wished for you and I to be controlled by.

Always remember this quote by the great Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills,

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality or imagination

If you are glued to the tube every night, do expect to be fearful as someone else is creating your reality based on the words used in the media stories and which carry over into your thoughts throughout your day.

If you, on the contrary, decide to focus your mental energy on powerful, uplifting, motivating ideas and choose to derail what society and your environment is yearning for you to conform to, fear itself, is powerless.

Did you hear what was on CNN?

You won’t believe the story by Anderson Cooper!

These are ho-hum, status quo conversations you will hear from the majority of people you associate with.

Television and entertainment rule presently, deciding to read, to be zen-like, to think outside the box is not cool these days.

What is cool is knowing that no one has control of your mind if you take the time to arm yourself, to study its power.

We are all athletes and cannot live in fear.

We choose to decide what we allow into our mental rolodex.

Death or life.

Unfortunately, most listen to useless media bites and stories as if their life depended on it.

These stories wreak havoc for those who pay attention to them.

Our time on this earth is too brief as it is.

The marathon boston bombing was a creation by someone who wanted to see a reaction in people and how it would work.

Their objective worked, was useful, for some.

Stay upbeat, read quality books, go to leadership seminars, shut off the television ‘programming.

If you sick of living paycheck to paycheck find ways to break that cycle.

Americans spend, on average, 28 hours on watching television per week.

If we spent half of that time instead reading, learning to be entrepreneurs instead of what everyone around us was doing perhaps we wouldn’t need the entertainment of a television in the first place.

What would happen if we switched her subconscious mental training from the negative to the positive, from evil to good, how much more productive would we be?

Get out the door and prepare your mind and body to do something you never dreamed was even possible.

I will be at the Boston Marathon next year and I can assure you, I intend to.

Come join me.