How To Perform Higher At Your Local 5K Races

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Local 5K Races There are so many local 5k races that take place across the world every weekend. How do you maximize the most out of your mental and physical characteristics to get the level of results that you want? Well, my expertise is more in the longer events and still consider my 5K personal record […]

Success Leaves Clues For Those Seeking It

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Success Leaves Clues We all have been taught or heard that success leaves clues but have we become too entertained to pay attention? One of my biggest regrets in life is that I gave so much of my precious time to entertainment (television) and did not seek out knowledge first. Have you ever poured out […]

7 Workouts For Long Distance Runners That Work

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Workouts For Long Distance Runners These workouts for long distance runners are not only physical but mental. It is the mental side of training that we fail to utilize that often in our running goals and put most of our emphasis on physical training. I have been competing for over 23 years, the last 7 […]