No Slack If You Want To Be A Great Runner


No Slack While I was stationed at Fort Campbell I worked with a Command Sergeant Major (highest rank for an enlisted Soldier) who had “no slack” as her license plate. I’ll never forget CSM Teresa King for as long as I live. She was the first female ever to become the Commadant of the US Army Drill […]

Exercise Workout Program For Runners

exercise workout program

Exercise Workout Program Runners seeking an exercise workout program are going to get countless ideas from countless amount of people online and elsewhere. There is more content being created in a day than has been created in the past few decades since the creation of the internet. How do you know what is the best […]

How To Run A Faster Marathon

knee pain from running

How To Run A Faster Marathon There are millions of people around the world who are seeking how to run a faster marathon. What I respect most is not how fast these runners have run but by the simple fact that they were willing to ask for help. The Bible states that You have not […]