run dream achieveA self-proclaimed ‘late bloomer’ with little talent but blessed with desire, Nathan created RunDreamAchieve in December of 2011 out of a want to help runners world-wide surpass their athletic and lifestyle goals. He shares entrepreneurship advice and support to employees from around the world knowing that very few have as much leverage as compared with investors and entrepreneurs.

An active duty military member since 2002 his experiences abroad have only added to his want to break the status quo mindset of doing things. Nathan’s national and international experience spans over 26 years.

He and his wife, reside in San Antonio, TX with their two cats, Ferm and Sophie. Laura Pennington shares her extensive knowledge on healthy foods, homemade recipes and Christian living on her blog Pinning Junkie.

She is the owner of a 3.23.11 marathon personal best from the 2008 Boston Marathon. Nathan achieved a life-long dream of breaking the 2.22.00 marathon barrier finishing in 4th place and as the top American with a time of 2.19.35 at the 2007 California International Marathon.

A time that ranked 61st in the nation and earned him a 2008 USA Track and Field Olympic Marathon Trials “A” standard, not bad for someone who had a personal best of 2.40.02 prior to the performance. 21 minutes of improvement, 18 years of sweat, sacrifice to achieve.

People often glorify the performance and overlook the enormous sacrifice and dedication it takes to achieve our goals. Nathan’s mission is to help others get what they want first and foremost.

It was a near miss enemy attack on his base in Afghanistan in mid-2012 on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that awakened Nathan’s creative desire to live outside of the matrix far too many people are trapped in.

RunDreamAchieve’s mission is to be unlike other running websites that speak specifically on marathon training or running advice, but to inspire athletes and non-athletes to live more meaningful lives emotionally, physically and financially.

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High School Junior Olympic Bronze Medalist – 1995 National Junior Olympic Championships – Reno, NV (5K High School best: 15:53)

Two-Time World Armed Forces Cross Country Team Qualifier (Tunis, Tunisia-2005, Thun, Switzerland-2006)

24th place – 2007 Cherry Blossom 10-Miler – 51:29

28th place (4th American) – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – 1:07:06 (PR)

2008 USA Olympic Trials “A” Qualifying Standard Achieved (Sub-2.20.00 marathon)

4th place, Top American-2007 California International Marathon – 2.19.35 (PR)

1st place – 2010 IMS Arizona Half Marathon -1:09:46

2nd place – 2011 Germantown Half Marathon – 1:08:44

5th place, 2nd American- 2011 Monumental Indianapolis Marathon -2.26.42

Member of US Army World Class Athlete Program (2007-2010)


Nathan is a graduate of the US Army Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Medical Service Corps Officer in March of 2009.

He enlisted into the Army in November of 2001 in the delayed entry program and has been on active duty ever since.

Nathan graduated from Malone University with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and attended graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado completing his Master of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

He has thoroughly studied and continues to research performance methodologies, exercise science and nutrition since 1992 sharing wisdom taught to him from some of the world’s top coaches, athletes and exercise physiologists.

He has a wicked sense of humor, can drink a mean cup of scotch and from time to time likes to frolic in green pastures singing it’s a wonderful life. He has been known to eat cup cakes, chase butterflies and was even chased by an Elpaca during a run in college.

Coach Pennington resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and their two cats, Sophie and Fermat

Personal Bests

High School









5 miles-24:32






Half Marathon-1:07:06

20 miles-1:44:05


30 miles – 3:02:00 (training run)

Race History (no easy road to success)

20 October 2002 – Army Ten Miler – 53:12 – 21st place
3 November 2002 – New York City Marathon (debut marathon) – 2:43:36
(starting from last place in 32,189th place for charity moving to 253rd overall)
5 October 2003 – Army Ten Miler – 53:06 – 15th place
19 October 2003 – Columbus Marathon – 2:55:19 – 65th place
2 May 2004 – Lincoln Half Marathon (Nebraska) – 1:15:38 – 9th place
2 October 2004 – Army Ten Miler – 51:53 – 12th place
31 October 2004 – Marine Corps Marathon – 2:51:45 -55th place
12 March 2006 – Van Alphen 20K (The Netherlands) – 1:06:09 – 12th place (top American)
1 April 2007 – Cherry Blossom 10-Miler – 51:27 (personal best) -24th place
12 May 2007 – 25K National Championships – 1:23:05 – 25th place
16 June 2007 – Grandmas Marathon – 2:40:02 (a personal best at that time, 1:10:32 through the half) – 64th place
16 September 2007 – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – 1:07:06 -27th place (3rd American)
7 October 2007 – La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon – 2:51:56 (highest temps in race history: 1:11:23 through half-way)
2 December 2007 – California International Marathon -2:19:35 (personal best)
– 4th place, top American
10 May 2008 – 25K National Championships – 1:21:33 – 17th place
15 November 2009 – San Antonio Half Marathon – 1:11:19 – 12th place
6 December 2009 – California International Marathon – 2:36:28 – 41st place
11 March 2010 – Germantown Half Marathon-1:08:44-2nd place
14 Feb 2010 – IMS Arizona Half Marathon – 1:09:46 – 1st place
8 May 2010 – Newport 10K – 31:52 – 12th place
16 May 2010 – Green Bay Half Marathon – 1:10:43 – 12th place
14 October 2010 – Army Ten Miler – 51:58-23rd place
4 November 2010 – Big Sur Half Marathon – 1:08:59 – 8th place
12 March 2011 – Tom King Half Marathon – 1:10:40 – 4th place
1 May 2011 – BMO Vancouver Marathon – 2:40:56 (1:08:56 first half) – 10th place
5 November 2011 – Monumental Indianapolis Marathon – 2:26:42 – 5th place
15 October 2011 – Murfeesboro Half Marathon – 1:11:37 – 4th place
4 December 2011 – California International Marathon -2:32:24
2 November 2013 – Monumental Indianapolis Half Marathon – 1:14:12 – 38th
8 December 2013 – California International Marathon – 2:32:57 – 46th place

2014 Army Ten Miler – 55:20

Personal Philosophy

None of what is written above about me pertaining to my race efforts is going to change your fitness.

It is not written to impress you but to impress upon you that if someone else with little talent (me) can do it so can you.

There is nothing special about me and as you can see even someone who has broken the 2:20 marathon has also had to endure setbacks just like you.

I have trained and lived with some of the world’s top runners including two-time Olympian Dan Browne who was an Army teammate of mine while I was assigned to the Army World Class Athlete Program.

I understand what it takes and want to help you achieve your own personal goals. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight just starting out, seeking to run your first 5K or are an experienced athete with several years invested into our sport, I can assist. I can help athletes seeking to drop time to one seeking a sub 2:20 marathon. I also have some experience with ultra running.

There are specific training strategies anyone, regardless of ability level, that all runners can use to run faster times. Often times, runners sell themselves short when all it takes is an adjustment in training methodology.

Posting my race history is simply to give you an idea of who you will be working with.

The custom training plans for sale here are built utilizing the same training methodologies that helped me go from 1:10:32 for the half-marathon to 1:07:06 and 2:43:36 for the marathon to 2:19:35.

They work and I have a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee

Thanks for stopping by RunDreamAchieve.

If you would like to go into business for yourself and stop trading time for dollars please consider partnering with me.


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