Beyond Aspire Explore Why So Many Accept Normal

the status quo revolution

Beyond Aspire Explore We have to get beyond aspiring for wealth and stability and figure how why so many accept normal. I read about an acquaintance of mine who is a military member. He posted on his Facebook wall that he was released from his Physician Assistant program at a nearby University. Due to just […]

Keep Your Commitment To Your Commitment

keep your commitment to your commitment

Keep your commitment to your commitment I first heard this quote by motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author, Les Brown. He said Keep your commitment to your commitment It made me think of all the runners out there, myself included, who have had to endure setback after setback in order to have one solid race. There […]

Network Marketing Fears

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Network Marketing Fears Network marketing fears can hold a lot of people back from taking action. We listen to the skepticism from others. Our associations, peers, friends and co-workers who most of the time are either complaining about their boss, what so and so did last week or some other meaningless story that will not […]