How To Breathe While Running

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 How to breathe while running I was reading various articles today about how to breathe while running as I know this has been a questions many runners have asked me about over the years. How do you breathe? What is the proper way to breathe? Do you breathe through your mouth or nose? Listen. We […]

How To Find Your Half Marathon Training Pace

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Half marathon training pace Finding the proper half marathon training pace is a matter of trial and error. It all depends on what your motives are in your preparation. What do I mean? Well, it is safe to bet that if you have as your goal to run a sub 2 hour half marathon, than […]

Quality Miles Running Smarter Or Junk Miles

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Quality miles running How many times have we heard friends or friends of friends talk about how much mileage they have been running? I ran 130 miles last week! How often do we hear of the percentage of quality miles running at faster speeds of that total weekly mileage? Sally down the street put in […]

Break 2:00 HalfMarathon Plan

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Break 2:00 half marathon plan There are many break 2:00 halfmarathon training plan schedules online today. Success in distance running doesn’t come from simply running lots of mileage. I learned the hard way back in 2009 when I was trying to break the 2:19:00 marathon barrier. More doesn’t mean better My mileage rose as high […]

First Time Marathon Advice That Will Yield Results

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First time marathon advice It is totally normal to question if you can finish the distance. My first marathon was the 2002 New York City Marathon I had never raced further than 13.1 miles prior to the race and after having been involved within this sport for the past 21 years, there is nothing that […]