Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Training To Break The Barrier

  Sub 2 hour half marathon training Sub 2 hour half marathon training involves one key fundamental that far too many runners miss. It doesn’t matter if you are a 5K specialist, marathoner or debut runner. The secret to running better race performances, as they pertain to specific time goals, is training at the specific […]

5 Exercises For Runners To PR

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Exercises for runners There are many variables for running success, exercises for runners is devoted for runners trying to enhance their running outside of just running. Dr. Joe Vigil told us while I was competing for Malone University that it isn’t just the workout you do, but the other things your doing the other 24 […]

9 Ways To Become A Better Distance Runner

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Become Better Distance Runner I’ve learned through trial and error in this sport of what it takes to become a better distance runner. I hope some of these ways will influence your preparation in some way. There are more ‘guru’s’ online now I have lost count. I wouldn’t consider myself and expert as I am […]