HeloLife | Wearable Technology

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HeloLife What is the helolife and why is it revolutionizing the way athletes and non athletes utilize wearable technology. I have written an extensive new blog post which covers the new Helo LX watch and why it is so far ahead of anything on the market it is a no-brainer not to get one. As an […]

No Slack If You Want To Be A Great Runner


No Slack While I was stationed at Fort Campbell I worked with a Command Sergeant Major (highest rank for an enlisted Soldier) who had “no slack” as her license plate. I’ll never forget CSM Teresa King for as long as I live. She was the first female ever to become the Commadant of the US Army Drill […]

The Military Education You Were Not Taught

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The Military Education The military education you will not here from your recruiter or drill sergeant is how to think for yourself. The military profession is not for everyone and there will be times where you may question what you are doing even signing up. I have been an active duty member for nearly the […]

Beyond Aspire Explore Why So Many Accept Normal

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Beyond Aspire Explore We have to get beyond aspiring for wealth and stability and figure how why so many accept normal. I read about an acquaintance of mine who is a military member. He posted on his Facebook wall that he was released from his Physician Assistant program at a nearby University. Due to just […]