How To Perform Higher At Your Local 5K Races

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Local 5K Races There are so many local 5k races that take place across the world every weekend. How do you maximize the most out of your mental and physical characteristics to get the level of results that you want? Well, my expertise is more in the longer events and still consider my 5K personal record […]

Success Leaves Clues For Those Seeking It

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Success Leaves Clues We all have been taught or heard that success leaves clues but have we become too entertained to pay attention? One of my biggest regrets in life is that I gave so much of my precious time to entertainment (television) and did not seek out knowledge first. Have you ever poured out […]

7 Workouts For Long Distance Runners That Work

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Workouts For Long Distance Runners These workouts for long distance runners are not only physical but mental. It is the mental side of training that we fail to utilize that often in our running goals and put most of our emphasis on physical training. I have been competing for over 23 years, the last 7 […]

Online Leadership Training For Athletes And Non-Athletes

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Online Leadership Training Leadership can be defined in so many ways, how is my post on online leadership training going to be any different? Well, I would prefer to be candid, blunt, honest and up front about what I consider leadership to be. My two least favorite words in the english language are comply and […]

Endurance Articles By RunDreamAchieve

Endurance Articles

I started rundreamachieve in December of 2011.

What I wanted to do from the start with this site was to create a wealth of endurance articles and lifestyle motivation to my readers.

I never intended it to be specifically about running and nothing else.

There are more ‘blogs’ online than one can count and most of which are specifically only about the owners’ running accolades.

It does not good for me to share every workout I do with you.

Will it help you create lasting health, give you control of your time or help you lose weight?

It may provide motivation but you still have to do the work.

I cannot hold your hand.

It is the same as someone calling themselves an entrepreneur yet doing nothing in the way of actually living the lifestyle of one.

He who would ignite a fire in others must himself glow – Dr. Joe Vigil

Interest is not enough, full commitment is the only way.

Use these endurance articles to help you find your way, especially when it gets tough and when running, your fitness and weight loss goals and life seems overwhelming.

I continue to write extensively here as well as at networkmarketingexec.

Helping people live and think differently for their benefit far outweighs talking about my so-called ‘accolades’.

I am no better than anyone else but I am genuine and want to see people achieve their dreams.

We live in a society where far too much conformity already exists.

The moment you start to do something outside the norm you are looked at as a quack.

Our life is short.

We had no limitations when we were kids, anything was possible and it didn’t matter if you were Black, Indian, Jew, Gentile, Hispanic, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, regardless where you were from or if you were rich or poor, we played together as brothers and sisters.

We need to start living our lives in that manner, where all things are possible and our dreams of living life on our terms is still achievable.

I don’t think enough people believe that much anymore.

We’re all too wrapped up in earning a living instead of living a life.

I am not going to relent on my content or my caring for the readers that visit rundreamachieve and networkmarketingexec.

Live your life to the max.

The clock is ticking, over 2 trillion dollars traded daily on the New York Stock Exchange, money is limitless, our time is not.

There are options to control the limited time you have and also to build your running to the fullest extent.

Are you taking action with full commitment?

The endurance articles contained here can help as can the business related articles at networkmarketingexec.

There is no longer an excuse that you don’t have the time.

Make the time!