Jogging Track | Workouts To Get Faster Results

jogging track

Jogging Track Call it a jogging track, running track, workout oval for all I care, just make sure you are doing the proper physiological work to get results. It was the great Olympic 800m champion, Sebastion Coe, that said Long slow running makes for long slow runners People may call the oval we work out […]

No Slack If You Want To Be A Great Runner


No Slack While I was stationed at Fort Campbell I worked with a Command Sergeant Major (highest rank for an enlisted Soldier) who had “no slack” as her license plate. I’ll never forget CSM Teresa King for as long as I live. She was the first female ever to become the Commadant of the US Army Drill […]

How To Perform Higher At Your Local 5K Races

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Local 5K Races There are so many local 5k races that take place across the world every weekend. How do you maximize the most out of your mental and physical characteristics to get the level of results that you want? Well, my expertise is more in the longer events and still consider my 5K personal record […]