How To Run A Faster Marathon

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How To Run A Faster Marathon There are millions of people around the world who are seeking how to run a faster marathon. What I respect most is not how fast these runners have run but by the simple fact that they were willing to ask for help. The Bible states that You have not […]

2:02:57 World Record And What Can We Learn From It?

2:02:57 world record

2:02:57 World Record The greatest lesson I took from watching the 2014 Berlin marathon and witnessing what Daniel Kimetto did was this. The lesson in failure. Few outside of the sport world know that Daniel Kimetto has only been running for 2 years. He set a debut world record last year at the Berlin Marathon […]

Running Interval Workouts To Run Your Best

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Running interval workouts Sometimes the best running interval workouts are the ones that can create the least amount of mental resistance. What do I mean? It all depends on what type of runner you are but for many runners, arriving to the track can be intimidating. We worry about hitting splits. I have set amount […]