10 Ways To Be A Better Marathon Runner

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Marathon Runner How does one become a better marathon runner? I have been running for 26 years and recently retired from competitive endurance racing. That being said, I’m going to list a few things I did to get my marathon time down and I hope will make you a better marathon runner. I’m not going […]

Ultra Marathon Training

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Ultra Marathon Training Well I never thought I would be writing a post on ultra marathon training but I suppose there is a first time for everything. I ran my fastest 20-mile long run for the first time in 1:50:02 and wondered afterward How on earth did I hold a 5:30 per mile average at […]

How To Get Faster At Running Long Distance

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How To Get Faster At Running Long Distance Do you want to know how to get faster at running long distance? Are you willing to accept what goes into answering that question? Are you ready for some hard facts and blunt, honest information to get you to see your results become reality? The fact that […]