4 Marathoning Mistakes To Avoid

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Marathoning Marathoning is not an easy task if you have had the opportunity to compete in one. How many times have we put in what we think is the perfect amount of mileage and are nailing workouts we dream about only to get 17 or 18 miles in a marathon fighting to finish? Marathoning takes […]

30 Marathon Running Tips That Work

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Marathon Running Tips There are many marathon running tips to follow. There are far more that many runners have never considered implementing in their training, which can make a significant difference in the way they train and race. It doesn’t have to be complicated but often times we make it more than it needs to […]

The Proper Amount Of Mileage For Marathon Training

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Mileage For Marathon Training Mileage for marathon training doesn’t guarantee you success at any distance. There is always that question in the back in the mind that asks ‘is this going to work’. What I have to tell you from my own experience is you have to try. You can’t look back at your life […]