Recreational Running And Why We All Need It

Recreational Running Our sport is demanding but recreational running is different. It isn’t that recreational runners are any less worthy of prestige or winning races. Their viewpoint of running isn’t to qualify for the Boston Marathon, earn a ticket to the Olympic Trials or win their age group at the local road race. They simply […]

Fitness Program For Weight Loss That Will Yield Results

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Fitness Program For Weight Loss One of skills as an athlete is to get individuals to break free from mental barriers and help them achieve what they believe was impossible. I will be discussing a fitness program for weight loss combined with an intense desire to not just be interested in losing weight but fully […]

The Mindset To Start Running

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The Mindset To Start Running Haile Gebressalassie, the former word record holder for the marathon distance and the first man to break the 2 hour 4 minute marathon barrier discussed with CNN how he became so good. He mentioned that he ran 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) to and from school every day, for ten years. […]