Interview with coach Peter Arbogast

This week I am privileged to feature coach and ultra-marathoner Peter Arbogast. Pete brings his passion for coaching and running development to his website, wingandaprayerunning. If you would like to know more about Peter he also writes extensively on his blog 1. How did you begin running? Tell your story. My comeback to running is […]

4 Marathoning Mistakes To Avoid

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Marathoning Marathoning is not an easy task if you have had the opportunity to compete in one. How many times have we put in what we think is the perfect amount of mileage and are nailing workouts we dream about only to get 17 or 18 miles in a marathon fighting to finish? Marathoning takes […]

Marathon Beginner Tips

Marathon Beginner Are you a marathon beginner? This week I have been thinking of what are some simple fundamentals that beginners can follow to better their efforts. It is easier for advanced level runners to know the basics of training but I can’t expect a beginner to want to do 100 mile weeks or to […]