Heat Training For Beginner And Advanced Athletes

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 Heat training can be your best adversary to not only prepare for races that are in hotter climates but also test your mindset, how badly you want to succeed. Veteran athletes and total newbies alike have all experienced how heat can affect performance. I can remember one of my biggest failures but also a race that […]

Running A Faster Marathon

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Running A Faster Marathon Running a faster marathon is a common goal among countless runners. Running success comes from a great deal of patience and persistence on the part of the individual. A runner who has the goal of maintaining a 6 minute per mile pace or the equivalent of a 2 hour 37 minute […]

How To Dominate The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Barrier

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Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon There are runners who have broken the sub 2 hour half marathon but there are countless others still seeking to break the standard. Running is an art. Let’s face it. We spend the majority of our lives going into work, coming back from work and very little of our week […]