Tips To Overcome A Painfully Slow Half Marathon Effort

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A painfully slow half marathon effort can weigh on an athletes heart. We question if our best days are behind us or if we have what it takes to get the job done. The honest answer is neither of these scenarios are true. A bad race doesn’t define who you are nor should it cause […]

Running A Faster Marathon

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Running A Faster Marathon Running a faster marathon is a common goal among countless runners. Running success comes from a great deal of patience and persistence on the part of the individual. A runner who has the goal of maintaining a 6 minute per mile pace or the equivalent of a 2 hour 37 minute […]

Quality Miles Running Smarter Or Junk Miles

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Quality miles running How many times have we heard friends or friends of friends talk about how much mileage they have been running? I ran 130 miles last week! How often do we hear of the percentage of quality miles running at faster speeds of that total weekly mileage? Sally down the street put in […]