If you would like to contact me about anything here on, whether it be a question about training please feel free to do so.

Call or text me at 210-300-4525.

I am interested in hearing from you.

Yours in Running,


Founder, RunDreamAchieve


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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Nathan,

    Just a theoretical question. I am a 3:01 marathoner, but never really trained more than 50-60 kms per week on the average (I think my max ever weekly mileage was around 80kms). I just turned 39, and very healthy. Before turning 28, I never exercised, weighted 20+ kgs more than now (now I am around 63Kgs, at 172cm height), and was a heavy smoker.

    So considering my background, do you think it is still possible to break 2:30 one day? I mean, if I focus for some years (e.g. 3 years?), hire a coach, clean my diet up, start doing strength training, etc….


  2. Hi Nathan,

    Just ran my 8th marathon in 3:00:36 on a hilly course. My PB is 2:58:30 and am planning on running the Boston marathon this spring. I would like to shoot for a sub 2:50 time. I know you develop plans on your website for sale. Do you have a plan for that goal time?

    Cheers, Tony

  3. Hi Nathan,

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    What do you say?

    Talk soon,

    – Here’s my cell phone if you’d like to call me: 330-730-1727. I live in
    Northeast Ohio with my beautiful wife Babette and our better-than-average cat, Dakota.

  4. Hi!

    I am an Italian runner, I am 23 years old and I have run since 2013. I currently have a 1:20 PB on the half marathon and I usually run 50-60 mpw over 5 days/week. I am not interested at all in marathon, I would like to run only 10ks and HMs. As a non-pro runner as I am, staying injury-free and avoid problems is the best thing to achieve and placing the rest day before the hard workouts I can do that. My dream is to be able, one day, to run SUB-1H10′ on the half marathon. What do you think about it? Is it possible with this weekly schedule and mileage?

    What I usually do is: 1 speed training (intervals varying from 400m to 3000m with a fast volume ranging anywhere from 6 to 10 kms (such as 4×2000, 8×1000, 3×3000…)), 1 steady/tempo (from 6 km to 15 km), 2 easy runs and 1 long run (with very hard progression).

    What do you think?

    Thanks! I hope to receive your answer asap!


  5. Hi, I’m trying to purchase the 10km advanced training plan but I am having no luck…I am being re-directed and told the page cannot be found…can you help me please?