Helo App For iPhone

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Helo App For iPhone

The helo app for iPhone allows you to monitor your own and your loved ones bodily vital signs right from your cell phone.

Imagine having this app to link right to your cell phone and monitor your vital signs and even others from another state or country.

The helo health band is similar to the fitbit or apple watch but has far more capabilities.

The fact that world global network also provides each and every customer with their own website is also quite unique.


Not everyone wants to start a home based business but many want to have additional income coming in.

Wor(l)d provides each customer with unlimited 10 percent referral commissions simply by sharing our products with other people.

The company gives its customers their own website and every time someone you know or don’t know purchases the helo health monitor using your link you earn approximately $20 or 10 percent of the price of the health band.

The helo fitness band price is $199.helo app for iphone

The helo app for iphone just makes the process of using the helo health monitor so much easier.

The following are just some of the capabilities of the helo fitness band that makes the helo app for iphone a very unique app to say the least.

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Blood Glucose (no more finger pricks for diabetics)
  3. Blood Alcohol (never get behind the wheel of a vehicle without knowing for certain you can)
  4. Mood
  5. Fatigue Levels
  6. Steps walked
  7. Panic Button (two pushes of the button will alert your loved ones of your exact location, a life saver)
  8. Business Opportunity (one of the most lucrative in all of direct sales)
  9. Heart Rate
  10. Mosquito Shield
  11. and much, much more.

Business Opportunity

Using the helo app for iphone could also help you earn more income.

Not everyone wants to start a home based business but there are many people who would want to either supplement their income and perhaps start a business.

It all depends on your personal goals.

The helo app for iphone also makes it very easy for customers who do want to get involved in the helo business opportunity to earn more income.

Not everyone wants to have home parties, bother their friends and family and constantly be chasing down people to talk to but they can send a text message to others.

This lessons the burden for many people who, perhaps, are introverted and have worried they could not succeed in the network marketing arena.

World Global Network is a very unique company in that they are the first direct selling company to focus on wearable technology.

The wearable technology industry is set to become a $34 billion dollar business by 2020.

Wor(l)d is the first company to focus on this business sector which makes joining us as either a customer or as an independent helo distributor very, very unique.

If the helo app for iphone, helo health band or our business opportunity are of interest to you simply click on the link below to learn more and get started with us.

Learn More About The Helo Band and Business Opportunity


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