Helo Smart Wristband

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Helo Smart Wristband

The helo smart wristband is now being sold in 195 countries around the world via World Global Network.

What makes this smart watch so unique among all the other brands in the marketplace such as Garmin, Apple or FitBit?

Timing, more functionality and a massive business opportunity.

When was the last time Apple, FitBit or Garmin paid you 10% commissions simply by sharing their products with other people?

World pays you $32 every time someone purchases a helo smart wristband from you using the website link the company gives to you when you purchase one.

You may not have one iota of interest in starting a home based business and becoming a helo distributor.

Perhaps all you want is a world-class product that has more functionality than any other smart watch in the market place.

You still win simply by purchasing a helo.

The helo cost is comparable to other smart watches in the market place at only $320.

The company provides each and every customer their own website when you purchase one and gives 10% commission simply for sharing our product with other people.

helo smart wristband

What Makes The Helo Different?

World Global Network now has the patent on the blood glucose monitoring capability on the smartband.

The helo has a panic button you or a loved one can push notifying people that care about you of your exact location via an SOS text message and e-mail.

You can also monitor blood pressure, EKG, step counts, breathing rate, mood and fatigue levels to only name a few.

It also provides ordinary people the opportunity to generate extraordinary wealth.



People around the world are already buying wearable technology so you don’t have to be a good at sales.

You don’t even have to have a real interest in entrepreneurship.

If you have an interest in health and wellness and want to share a world-class product with other people world global network pays you handsomely to do so.

Either way you get paid.

The company pays you 10% referral commissions simply by buying the helo smart wristband.

$32 or 10% of the $320 purchase cost of the helo.

World provides each customer their own website simply by way of purchasing a helo watch.

If you do have interest in starting your own home based business and want to become a helo distributor the world compensation plan is one of the most lucrative in all of direct sales.

Our highest income earners are making $1.2 million dollars per month, residually.

12 of the top 100 highest income earners in the network marketing profession come from world global network.

There is no limit to the amount of residual income you can generate.

You can generate anywhere from a few extra hundred dollars per month to several thousands, residually, each and every month.

All you have to do is share it with other like-minded people who value their health, time and want to be financially independent (few are).

There is no cap on your income like there is with a job.

The beauty of this is you can continue to work the job you love and supplement your income part-time or you can equal or surpass the income at the job you hate and leave the employee lifestyle altogether.

It is a choice and either way you win.

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