How Important Is A Naysayer?

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How important is a naysayer

I have always had a fascination with anyone, regardless of their chosen field, who excels. It is one of the reasons I started this blog. I have been in the sport of distance running for going on 21 years. This is my passion, it is what I have lived for, breathed for and got up for since I was 15. I am thankful God allowed me to find this passion when I was 15 rather than to have waited to find it later in life.

I was reading over Darren Rouses’s blog, and came across a great article he wrote called, 20 bloggers to watch in 2012. I am sitting here reviewing ALL of the blogs, reading the passions of others, people I know nothing about, all were fascinating but one really hit home. Torre Derroche, founder of The Fearful Adventurer wrote an outstanding post called, When People Don’t Support Your Dreams.

If you have not read it, I strongly suggest that you do because a strong support structure is the absolute rock-solid factor that can assist you in bringing you to your true passion. There will always be negative factors pulling against you. It doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

Deroche, stated it best,

“If you have a solid, well-considered life dream that you’re driven to accomplish, you’ll probably want to share it with friends, family and co-workers. You’ll want to come out of the closet with your grandiose dream. Some will pat you on the back and say, “GO FOR IT,” but there’s always one person who gets off on taking a dump in your happiness sandwich”.

I can relate to elite athletes and can relate even closer to beginners, local and national class athletes. Regardless of ability level, everyone experiences negativity from others. Do you know how many times I heard, ‘get a life’, ‘forget running, let’s go party’, ‘it’s a holiday, why do you have to train’…the comments are endless and I can assure you this post would be MUCH longer if I went into greater detail.

Bottom line, you have to believe in yourself. My first running mentor came in my collegiate coach, Jack Hazen. The man has been at Malone University coaching, inspiring his athletes to not only be great athletes but to be Christ-like leaders. He believed in me. We didn’t always see eye to eye on training methods but one thing coach Hazen did instill in me is to believe in myself.

I write this because I truly care about seeing others improve their fitness, to do something special. There is an indescribable feeling doing something that others have told you, you did not have the capability to do.

I can interview people all day. I can tell you about all the people I have met in this sport, the great athletes, even Olympians who I have trained with and that I made hurt in workouts, but it isn’t going to do a damn thing for you.

Sure, it may motivate you briefly, what people need in this sport, in all endeavors for that matter, is concrete support from those who have been in your shoes, who understand and who will never underestimate you. I tell runners all the time who have run, say 3.30 for the marathon, ‘you can break 2.20’. Why? Cause it is possible.  There have been far too many examples of people who have done it. There is no reason you are not capable too, period.

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