How To Be A Better Runner

How to be a better runner

If you're interested in learning how to be a better runner. If you are highly motivated to run faster then you may want to read this. Short, sweet and to the point.

These are a few do's and dont's that kept me from breaking the 2.20 barrier and also caused me from not breaking 2.40 for 7 years.

DO enjoy the journey in your training. Look at it in a long-term approach.

DO drink a shit load of water, both in training and in your racing. I learned this hard way, my wife, on the other hand has it down..all she drinks.

Your putting in a ton of work, mileage and effort. Ensure your hydrated for the next day's training. This is one of the most important tips of how to be a better runner.

Replace what you have lost in training, in sweat.

DO take sleep seriously. The quickest way to fatigue and burn out is not giving your system enough time to recharge and recover from your last training effort.

DO relax. There is absolutely no sense in stressing yourself over meaningless BS that will not benefit you as a runner or bring out your capability.

DO read up on training. What can you do differently that would make a drastic change in your running?

Think about it…how are you going to find out without taking the time to educate yourself.

Knowledge is power, make use of it.

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DO spend as much time as you can building a strong mileage base..this doesn't mean doing workouts in the first few weeks.

Easy mileage with very little anaerobic  work (if any at all) should be the focus. Don't get carried away.

DO take into consideration, your coach's advice. 99.99% of the time we think we're right but it is usually the other way around.

The coach should know their athletes and it should't be some cookie-cutter training plan…the coach should be interactive with the athlete he/she coach's and give a shit about them. Not soley because they bring them $$ into their account.

DON'T worry. The biggest hindrance you can place on yourself is worrying about things you simply cannot control.

Weather? Out of your hands. Windy? What can you do about? Focus on the things you can control and you'll run faster because your attention was placed in the right direction

It is like a finger pointing to the moon, do not focus on the finger, or you will miss all that Heavenly glory – Bruce Lee

DON'T try to be someone your not, rather, remind yourself of what you are…one in over 7 Billion people on the planet and no one has your capability, talents and potential as an athlete.

If someone is running 150 miles a week and bragging about it, who gives a flip, you can probably get equal results on 60. K.I.S.S.

DON'T run fast every frickin day. If your training a group and a segment is running faster then they should probably be going.

Don't follow the herd…use the common sense you already possess to maximize your race results down the road.

DON'T make every workout a race…this ties into the above mention tip. Training should be the hard part.

The race should feel as if you are on autopilot because you were smart enough to taper correctly and your body feels as if you are jogging, yet are at race pace.

When I ran 2.19, I kid you not, I felt as if I were on a regular long run yet was on 5.11 per mile average through 20 miles. Rested body=autopilot effort

DON'T forget where you came from. STAY HUNGRY. One great race doesn't make you. You have to continually want to improve as an athlete.

If your goal isn't to qualify for the Olympic Trials or Team, then take whatever goal you are envisioning and be totally devoted to making it a reality.

DON'T go out too hard in your race.

Whhhheeew, have I learned from this one..raced against Ryan Hall in a half-marathon and hit the mile in 4.30 and two-mile at 9.26 …yeah, not the best thing I could have done.

I am strong runner but am I ready to step up to the 1.01 half-marathon pace when I am still a 1.07 guy?

Well, its great to be enthusiastic, but unless your 100% READY to hold a pace that FAR exceeds anything you have ever done, then you may pick a different speed and increment the pace down over time.

Not worth a bad performance on something you have control of anyway.

DON'T forget those who have helped you. I bring up my coach's and mentors, Lisa Rainsberger, Jack Hazen, Joe Vigil and the Army WCAP program, to name a few, quite a bit in my writing because they made the difference in my life, gave me a chance to enhance my racing.

They inspire me to think bigger and erase any doubt that I may conceive in my mind of not reaching my goal. Remember those who made a difference for you.

Use it to fuel your efforts when no one sees you out on the roads, cares or is out living it up while your sacrificing for something truly worthy, something that you'll remember the rest of your life.

DON'T EVER believe you don't have what it takes. I am a huge advocate on the power of positive thinking and belief. If your not 100% IN IT then you are only selling yourself short.

I mean this. I don't expect everyone here having a passion to run 130 miles a week or running a 2.30 marathon.

You may be just wanting to run one mile 5 seconds faster then you have run the distance. You may be just starting out in the sport…whatever it is you have your heart set on…bring everything you got into your efforts.

DON'T listen to ANYONE who tells you to quit. Had I done this I would have never went under 2.20.

You own your performance and preparation. No one will get you out the door.

That is up to you.

As long as you are following through on your mission, then forget whatever negative influences may appear in your training block.

Trust me, they will come. The greatest achievers are also innovators in how they think. Follow THAT example.

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