How To Start Running When You Are Overweight

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how to start running when you are overweightHow to start running when you are overweight

I have never once in my life made fun of someone who was overweight.

I have always had a protective personality, especially toward people who are made fun, are categorized as weird, nerdy, whatever society chooses to call us.

Running has been my outlet and as I start this post on how to start running when you are overweight I remember the warriors out there who are trying.

There is a difference between you and those who sit back and laugh at you for what you do.

The bottom line is this.

We are all here for far too short of a time and wasting your precious energy and time worrying what other people think about you can sap the life out of you.

End it today!

How To Start

Start in small increments.

If all you can do is run for 30 seconds, so be it, let that be enough at first.

The most challenging part of your quest is going to be starting.

Don’t get caught up in feeling unworthy or like you will never get to the lean, mean, running machine that is inside of you.

I promise you, if you get out the door daily and make a small step each day in your training you are going to lose weight, gain confidence and melt off any unwanted pounds as you go…

..but you have to act on it.

Hesitation and procrastination are the enemy.

They rob you and I of our true capabilities.

Talk With Your Doctor

I have always confided in fitness, coaching and nutritional experts in my own training and there is nothing wrong with confiding in someone who can help you.

You always want to get the advice from a trained professional in the weight loss industry.

A physician is a great option. I make that suggestion to you first but I will also say that you have what it takes to change your life.

I have a friend, Fred Lechuga, who was committed and focused and has changed his life by dropping 150 pounds and ran his first marathon in 4.11.

He is the prime example of someone who wanted to change his life and he did.

You Can’t Teach What You Already Possess

Far too often people who are either overweight, nerdy, unpopular or told that they are too slow are made out to be victims.

You are not a victim.

The moment you get out of the victim mentality that the society you and I live in has created within you, you become victorious.

Victorious in the way you think, act, and the way you carry yourself.

You already are a great runner who currently just is just carrying a few additional pounds. That is it.

You are no less capable as anyone else in the world.

You matter and you are destined for bigger and better things in the very near future.

Success is the only option.

Change Up Your Diet

More vegetables and fruits, less garbage.

Losing weight is not easy but remind yourself that what you are doing and aiming for is how professionals and warriors live their lives.

You are in the arena.

Those making fun of you for whatever reason are the spectators.

They are choosing to waste their lives on pointless objectives and I say that because making fun of other people because they are not what others think they should be is the definition of a loser.

There is such beauty and power in someone who is striving to do something that is already difficult to do, who continues on while being overweight.

I am not a physician or a nutritionist and I surely recommend these professionals to you first and foremost.

You can make correct choices that will help you burn off fat, lose weight and gain confidence.

Be Patient

I always tell my readers that there are no limits.

The limits start in our minds when we start to believe and think about what we have heard, been told and reminded of all of our lives.

Your not good enough. Your too slow. Your overweight and can never do that.

The patient are dangerous because they see the big, long-term goal.

They aren’t impatient and they are willing to fight regardless if they are 50 or 200 pounds overweight.

How many people in the world have started a weight loss plan or goal and lost the passion for it and nothing changed?

I am sure it is a sad figure.

You are not going to be a part of that crowd. There is power in every human being and our worth doesn’t come to how fast we run or how much we weigh.

distance running tipsDon’t Listen To The Status Quo

Society says that overweight people are lazy, don’t care and are unmotivated.

I have a problem with this.

Overweight people are just as capable as their lighter counterparts.

Everyone, regardless how much we weigh, have motivations in life.

Everyone has worth.

One of the most pointless statements ever made is to say an overweight person is lazy or incapable.

The so-called lazy, uncaring and unmotivated individuals of the world simply need someone to give a shit, to care and perhaps make them feel like the winners they are in the first place.

Far too often we give power to the people who are not there to support and love us in the first place.

Your job as an overweight runner is to surround yourself with supportive, caring and people who are going to bring out the best in you and act on your objectives.

Keep fighting and take action.

The quality of your life depends on it and having that support and motivational structure will make the process sustainable for you .

It matters regardless what weight you are.


If all you can do is walk 5 minutes per day than let that be your success story for the day.

Don’t get caught up in wanting to jump 10 steps ahead when you haven’t begun the first step.

Success is about making that first step and making gains as you go.

Walking for 5 minutes per day for a week should be seen as a small milestone. Add from there.

5 minutes of walking becomes 5 minutes of running, 5 minutes of running 5 days per week is 25 minutes of total running time. 3-4 miles for the week.

How does that compare to the person who isn’t making the lifestyle choice you are?

There is no comparison. You either act on the goal or you don’t.

We all have a choice and we are in control of our actions.

You need to keep moving. If it is in minute increments, so be it.

It is still better then the alternative which is to not try at all, to live with questions, regret.

Talk With Runners

The running community is filled with helpful, knowledgeable and caring individuals.

They know the difficulties of running.

If you can find groups of runners either online or within your community to walk or run with, this can help hold you accountable.

Walking vs Runningstay at home business opportunity

I am not going to even pretend that I can understand fully what someone who is overweight has had to deal with in trying to start a running program.

What I can do is take the time to let you know that wherever you are in the world, you have a home here at

I get a lot of emails and do my best to respond to people who write me but you can always vent by leaving a comment or visiting the RDA facebook ‘family’ page.

This site is growing and what makes this site special is the people who visit it.

Walking may be your first step to starting a running program. If you can run a few miles a week, fantastic. I applaud you.

That being said, I know there are many of you out there who may feel so overwhelmed, unhappy and not know where to start.

Walking is that start until your body adapts to the work you are putting in and becomes less of an obstacle.

Everest Is Climbed In Stages

It takes a great deal of physiological adaptations to high altitudes to accomplish a physical feat like climbing mount Everest. .

They had to build up the fitness level before they ever made the journey.

Your Everest right now is you losing the weight so you can run sexy, happier and achieve goals that you never thought you could achieve.

Walking 25 minutes a week may be the equal to acclimating at base camp on the world’s highest mountain.

Continue to move, act on your goals until you reach the summit.

The summit could be losing 10, 20, 200 pounds or it could be getting yourself into the type of shape where running 20 miles a week is feasible.

Build from there.

Each run builds on itself and will build on you in a powerful way if you continue to persist.

Degrading people because they don’t look like us is the lowest of human qualities.

Life is too short.

Time too precious to waste your energy on making fun of others or letting others dictate how you feel based on your weight.

The time is now to act. If you have to come back to this post 100 times, do it…but keep fighting.

Your life and happiness depends on your attitude and drive.

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  1. Thanks for the post Nathan. It strikes home to me. January 1st – 207. Present – 179. It was not easy, but working it in increments was key. under 200, 200-195, 195-190, etc.. Another thing some one has to realize is that I believe that it is normal to go like this from week to week……..week 1 – 204, week 2 – 202, week 3 – 203, week 4 – 201, week 5 – 201, etc.. You might lose, stay the same, or actually gain a pound or 2. As you mentioned, PATIENCE is of utmost importance in the game. Every one that puts action to a plan is a winner! Cheers.

  2. Kenley, am so proud of you dude. You are going to rock your goals. You have already achieved them. Even if you were to not race, you have dropped 28 pounds, that is far more impressive than any race time you put up. Just be yourself, relaxed, humorous and calm and you will take down the Pirate Half. Rooting for you man.

  3. Thanks a lot. 2 more days. Locked, Cocked, and ready to Rock……hahaha, Air Force basic training memories. lol. I have re-routed my goals as to not just go under 2:00, but do the best I can.

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