Importance Of Entrepreneurship


Importance Of Entrepreneurship

I have been an employee for most of my life and no one ever taught me the importance of entrepreneurship.

Here at rundreamachieve I want to give more to my readers than just fluff and what is going to make them feel good.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s top distance runners and been coached by some of the world’s best distance running coaches.

Jack Hazen, Dr. Joe Vigil and Lisa Rainsberger (last American female to win the Boston Marathon) were three of them.

There was no room for a pity party with these type of leaders.

No room for being comfortable because the expectation for being great was so high.

Your environment changes your DNA.

If you are around people who seek to see you do more and have more out of life you will push your sights to a new level.

In comparison, if you are around soft people who have ordinary goals you are not as likely to get pushed out of your comfort zone.

The truth is we all have been taught to conform since we were young.

First by our parents than by our teachers and school system and anyone who has worked as an employee fully understands conformity in the workplace.

Some are content with working a regular 9 to 5 and although there is honor in it, it is also a great way to be broke by the time you’re 65, respectfully.

What does the importance of entrepreneurship have to do with a fitness website?


We as athletes already know how to get out of our comfort zone so we all have a sense of what it takes to get in better shape physically and mentally.

Financial Shape

What about our peace of mind and financial lifestyle?

How many employees do you know who have complete leverage of their time?

I’m talking about true freedom?

They get up when they want to and go where they want to?

How many employees do you know who have to report someone at a given time because an employer has dictated that for them?

Know anyone who is told where to be, when they can take their lunch break and who has to stop in the boss’s office to ask if he or she can go home for the day?

Do you know any of these very same people quite intimately?

Is life just trading time for money?

I have been involved in entrepreneurship since 2013 and have built residual income from working with other professional people who want more out of life.

They want more than just getting up doing the same routine they did the day before.

These are people from all types of backgrounds.

No education, much education.

High school drop outs to men and women with years of corporate experience and holders of numerous degrees.

How does it feel to get a highly taxed paycheck only to give it all away to banks, bill collectors and debt?

Mortgage? Credit Cards? Student loan debt? Child care costs? Family responsibilities?

76 percent of the working population here in America are living paycheck to paycheck.

This is supposedly the richest country in the world.

Over 90 percent of the American population worked for themselves, were independent, prior to the turn of the century.

The founding of the Federal Reserve and the advent of the Industrial Age created a new philosophy for children to be taught.

Be dependent on an employer. Work a job. Trade life for a paycheck.

There is, of course, honor in working a job.

Everyone should value hard work but how many of us have been taught to work smart?

Can you or I do the same amount of work as 50 people?

500? 5,000? 50,000?

There are 24 hours in a day and we need sleep.

What if you received a small amount of profit from the work of those 50 to 50,000 people.

Who is has true leverage?

The one man or woman working hard and doing all the work themselves or the man or woman using leverage working smart?

Everyone of us have the same amount of time.

Why is it so many hard working, college educated people are broke in this country?

How can a Physician spend 12 years of his or her life going to school, departing with $100-$300,000 in student loan debt and have to work the next few decades of his or her life paying it off?

Highly educated and has a great paying job but one that he or she has to keep showing up at in order to get paid.

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee?

One works for linear income and the other residual income.

Can you guess who works for what?

Formal education is absolutely essential.

There are incredible jobs out there for people.

The importance of going to school and getting an education is priceless. I continue to seek out challenging educational opportunities to this day.

Sharing An Opportunity

You will notice here at rundreamachieve I share max international and world global network.

One company is focused on nutrition, the other on health, wellness and wearable technology.

These opportunities are available to any employee around the world who seeks to gain leverage over their time, health and finances.

Max International focuses on increasing the body’s glutathione levels.

I guarantee most of the athletes who read my blog have never heard of glutathione and yet there are over 158,000 peer-reviewed articles written about it on PubMed.

No one sold me on either of these two companies.

Ive always had an interest in wearable technology since I was a teenager.

I, probably like you, have been an athlete for most of my life.

Garmin, Apple and more recently FitBit have been the wearable technology of choice for many people.

None of these companies pay their customers to share their products though and none of them can help ordinary people create extraordinary incomes.

Our life is precious.

There is unlimited amounts of money to be made but limited time and yet we all squander it having listened to a tired, worn out, old Industrial Aged concept of trading time for money.

A 5 for 2 trade is a negative 60 percent return on investment of your time. You give me $500, I’ll give you $200 back. We immediately can tell the difference of a rip off with our money but do it willingly with our time – MJ Demarco, author of UnScripted

I can guarantee that most of my readers would have interest in what Max International or what the helo smartwatch could provide to them.

The question is how many are interested and how many are committed.

There is a massive difference between interest versus commitment.

Become an Entrepreneur

I signed up to be a max international associate in 2013 and have been with the company ever since using their nutritional products in my training and racing.

Recently, I purchased the helo watch and earn residual income via sharing world global network’s wearable technology product.

If you have a love for nutrition, fitness and making more money than I strongly suggest you check out these entrepreneurial business opportunities.

I cannot make you take action.

This is going to be a personal decision on your part.

Do you want to know the quickest way to be broke by the age of 65? Work for someone else – Bill Britt, billionaire, network marketing professional (former employee)

I hope the video above hit you like a ton of bricks cause it did me.

I wish years ago when I was a senior in high school someone would have shared with me a business opportunity like I am with you in this post.

The importance of entrepreneurship is critical for people to gain their freedom.

They call America the land of the free.

I’ve been on active duty in the military for nearly 16 years at the time of the writing of this post.

I don’t know many free people.

Our men and women in uniform are certainly brave but how many are free?

I haven’t seen too many free Soldiers in my time in uniform.

Try driving down the road without a license plate on your car.

See how far you get before a cop pulls you over and asks for your “license and registration”.

Have you ever had a child?

Know someone who has?

Have you ever tried to take your newborn out of the hospital without a birth certificate?

Good luck.

The child is registered with the state and the name of the child is always inproperly spelled in all capital letters.

Last I checked we are creations of God, not corporations that man has made our children (and us) into.

Did we come into this world to be social security number?

Can you work a job without being taxed on your own income?

These are just some questions to ponder over as we discuss freedom.

Are employees free who have to continue to show up somewhere to warm a seat for 40 hours or more a week?

Heck, are entrepreneurs free when it comes to the above mentioned aspects of their daily lives?

Are we corporations or are we flesh and blood men and women created by God to live free, not to be enslaved?

The importance of entrepreneurship has never been more evident to people who seek and desire to have leverage over their time, health and finances.

Few have that level of leverage and those who do have gotten fed up enough to change it.

Have you?

Will you?

Who profits from wars?

Is it the poor to middle class Soldier, Airmen, Marines, Airmen or Coastguardsman or are wars bankers wars for bankers profits?

Large corporations make out with the profits while the service member, their families and the untold millions of innocent men, women and children in other countries suffer.

I signed up to defend people that cannot defend themselves, not for unjust wars.

Do you trust your media?

The average American watches 5 to 6 hours of television, per day.

How much of your day is spent focused on building your residual income?

If there answer is zero there is a problem and only you can make the decision to change it.

Entrepreneurship Is About Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Below is the most blunt and honest video presentation I have ever heard.

The presentation was given years ago by a man by the name of Dave Severn.

He is a former accountant turned network marketing professional.

We all have become too comfortable with our so-called safe and secure job and paycheck.

Dave’s Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink presentation is at the heart of what entrepreneurship is.

Taking risks and seeking freedom.

Be prepared and forewarned, the video below will test your limits and beliefs, especially if you love your job.

There is no freedom in jobs, period.

I mean that in the most respectful way.

Our public school system was not designed to create entrepreneurs but obedient workers.

The importance of entrepreneurship was quietly swept under the rug for most high school students.

I, too, am a product of the go to school, get good grades and get a job philosophy.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degree and also spent 12 years of my adult life paying back my loans.

Did you know you fund your own loan?

Did you know banks do not loan you one red cent?

That an exchange, not a loan, is what truly takes place?

Who profits?

You or the bank?

Well, you supposedly were given money by the bank right?

Only fair to pay the bank back what it supposedly lent you.

People would be given a rude awakening if they read Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago publication, Modern Money Mechanics.

Most haven’t and most continue to pay banks free money when it is the bank that owes you so much more than you realize.

Bankers use customers promissory notes (which have actual cash value) to fund the “loan” check which is, legally, not even money.

If you have a bank “loan” of any type I highly suggest to click on the link above, after reading this post.


Student loan debt now tops $1.4 trillion dollars and recently surpassed credit card debt.

The average American in this country finishes their undergraduate studies with $38,000.

The United Kingdom has the highest debt average per student at $59,000.

We have too many hard working, highly educated, obedient men and women working professional jobs that they have to keep showing up at in order to get paid.

Linear income is the worst form of income there is because it comes at a heavy price, ones time (life) – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur

How many college graduates are broke in this country and around the world?

How many are working jobs that are paying them less then they are worth?

How does it feel to know someone else has dictated how much your time(life) is worth by paying you a specific amount of money per hour?

If life is already so short why are so many not pursuing starting their own home based business?

Here is what Sandy Botkin, author of Lower Your Taxes – Big Time says about it in the first chapter of his book.

importance of entrepreneurship

It’s time to start making some changes.

The beauty of entrepreneurial business opportunities such as Max International or World Global Network is you don’t have to change up your daily schedule.

Just take your love and interest in fitness and wellness and share it with other people.

Residual income is not the reality for most employees but if they knew what it felt like to be getting paid regardless if they work or not they would run through bricks walls for it.

The reality for most employees is having to continue to show up at jobs they either love or despise because if they don’t their paycheck stops coming in.

Bondage is a good word that comes to mind.

Are you now seeing the importance of entrepreneurship and gaining leverage (doing more with less) over your financial future?

It’s time to get started.

Herein lies the problem with jobs whether you absolutely love what you do for a living or despise what you are currently doing and want to depart employee life altogether.

You have to keep showing up in order to get paid.

It doesn’t take six figures to start a home based business.

This isn’t a brick and mortar venture.

There is little to no risk in starting a max international or world global network home business for yourself.

Have interest in nutrition or wearable technology?

You are already ahead of the game.

The only difference between people like me and others is I took action and made a decision and others were merely interested.

Interest didn’t get me to a sub-2:20:00 marathon time or earn an Olympic Trials “A” standard or create residual income streams.

Commitment did.

I want to work with anyone who values the importance of entrepreneurship and seeks more out of life than just trading it for a highly taxed paycheck.

The government gets paid first.

They get a little piece (which only becomes bigger by the day) of your hard earned income.

You are paid second.

How is that for leverage.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have some tax breaks?

You do as an entrepreneur.

The tax codes were not written for employees but for business owners.

Commit. Take action. Decide. Stop waiting. The clock ticks life away.

Watch the videos I shared above.

Re-watch them.

They literally moved me to tears and are a big part of what I do here at rundreamachieve.

Lastly, let me say that I have the utmost respect and love for my brothers and sisters who are working as employees.

I simply share this post to offer some solutions that can help you start generating some leverage that no job is going to create for you.

We all need tough love.

Entrepreneurship is no different than middle to long distance running.

There are people who will say

Oh, well I have never been much of a runner

while others will put in the necessary work and run times that others will marvel over

You can’t dream about running a fast marathon or 5K half-assing it.

I’m sorry.

Either you do the work or you don’t.

There is trained and there is un-trained, end of story.

If you now value the importance of entrepreneurship somewhat more than you did at the start of this post click on the links below and take a look at what these two business opportunities have to offer.

Perhaps one or the other will have an impact on you as they have me.

Learn More About World Global Network And The Helo Watch


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