Infolio Phone

infolio phone

Infolio Phone

The infolio phone is going to completely change and revolutionize the way the smartphone marketplace handles business.

Most people do not realize that radiation is given off of cellular and computer devices.

It is called electrosmog and the infolio phone is going to have built in protection from this radiation.

Why other top brands such as Android and Apple have not built this protection into their devices is a mystery.

World global network is the manufacturer of the soon to be released, state of the art cellular device.

The protective layer built into the infolio smart phone is world’s biozen electrosmog technology which forms a buffer between you as well as the computer and cellular devices you use regularly.

Below is a thorough powerpoint presentation which covers the wide variety of capabailities the new info phone will provide to world global network customers.

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Why Choose World Global Network?

Most will not.

The sad reality is we have 76 percent of working Americans in this country living paycheck to paycheck.

I know my readers care about health, fitness and wellness.

I’m unsure of how many truly realize the importance of entrepreneurship.

Ive been nearly two decades on active duty in the military and I haven’t seen too many military (or civilian) employees who have had true freedom and leverage over their time.

How can people who have been taught to work hard for linear income get motivated to work smart for residual income?

How can most people who think getting rich quick is somehow unethical, illegal and a scam look at the positives.

How many of us have unlimited time?

We’re all living on borrowed time.

5 for 2 is the norm for most people.

5 days of work for 2 days of freedom.

Anyone who looks at this exchange should realize it is a bad deal and most employees who have had to trade their time for a paycheck long enough already recognize it.

You give me $500.

I give you $200 back.

How does that sound?

Who would except this?

If we can recognize a bad deal with money why have so many seem to accept it with something far more powerful and precious than any amount of money, their time?


If you are an athlete, have any form of interest in fitness, wearable technology or earning more income in 2017 and beyond you are going to have to make a choice.

There is nothing I can write to make you take action.

It is a personal decision to invest in yourself.

World global network’s infolio phone along with their helo smart watch and biozen electrosmog technology are products that are literally changing lives and saving lives.

This is a very brief post but hopefully after reviewing the above mentioned powerpoint you will want to get involved with this world class wearable technology company.

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