Marathon 4 Hours And 59 Minutes. Now what?

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Marathon 4 hours

Marathon 4 hours and 59 minutes eh?

Well, congratulations if you are one of the few who can say they are a sub-5 hour marathoner.

If this is your first marathon or you have been trying to improve your time.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve. The key is don’t get discouraged and think you never will.

The marathon takes a lot of patience and willingness to get out and put in the miles.

I write a lot about this extensively in the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint that the neccessity all runners who have broken 5 hours need to keep in mind is patience.

If you are asking yourself, “Marathon 4 hours and 59 minutes. ‘Now what do I do’?, believe me I understand.

I asked myself the same thing when I ran my first marathon back in 2002.

You make your first attempt at the distance and start to ask yourself.

One, I more then likely will never try this distance ever again in my life (but you will) and two, if I do how should I go about trying to find a marathon plan that actually works.

A few short tips to keep in mind if you have now run a marathon in 4 hours and 59 minutes and want to continue to drop time and improve.

1. Stay focused.

There is so much importance in this it cannot be understated. You have to have a razor sharp focus in this sport.

Your goal may not even be wanting to drop time but simply to enjoy the sport more or find a way to not have to take as many walk breaks in the middle of the marathon.

These are great goals because I can tell you from experience, those walk breaks absolutely will demolish your overall marathon finish time.

I have done this numerous times but hitting the wall (running out of glygogen).

2. Find a Running Group

I have found that sometimes, not always, but sometimes training with others can alleviate the pressure of starting a running plan.

It still takes work to run the marathon distance and if you are training with others it can make the process a lot smoother.

Your friends can help hold you accountable when you don’t want to run and often times the hardest part about training for a marathon is simply getting the first step out the door.

3. Incorporate Fartlek Running Into Your Marathon Training Plan

This is probably one of my favorite running workouts simply because you can experiment with what you want to do for that particular day.

There is no set objective in terms of how far you want to go unless you make it a goal before you start in the first place.

Fartlek running involves speeding up and slowing down for a particular distance and duration you set for yourself. It could be anything from doing 5 sets of 1 minute of hard running followed by 1 minute of easy running.

The fitter you get the longer you can go and change it up more.

For example, you could change the workout to 10x2minute hard with 1 minute of easy running. You build up your tolerance of running faster and give yourself less recovery.

This will help you come marathon race day when you are trying to improve your overall race pace.

4. Gradually Lengthen Your Long Runs

I have written extensively on how increasing your long run paces can improve your marathon finish times but right now I just want you to concentrate on being able to run farther and longer to build your endurance.

You can cut considerable time off of your marathon time simply by building more endurance and not having to walk anytime during the race.

In fact, if you can get to a point where you move from having your long runs be 10 miles to being able to run 15 to 20 miles, you will cut 20-30 minutes off your marathon best on that alone.

The question, ‘Marathon 4 Hours and 59 minutes. Now what?’ will not have to come up again because you’ll know that you have built up so much endurance from practicing the distances you are aiming to race.

Why does this matter?

If all the farther you have allowed yourself to go for a long run is 14 miles, why do you think you had issues during the race that caused you to slow or have to walk?

Do you realize how much potential you have? I can tell you that you have far more in you.

That marathon in 4 hours and 59 minutes could easily have been a finish time of 4.10.00 had you been able to finish the race without having to stop.

I say this only to motivate you and help you realize just how much potential and ability you do have.

Marathon 4 hours and 59 minutes eh?

That is pretty damn good considering you had to walk and have only run one or a couple.

Everyone who runs a marathon sets some kind of goal for finishing the race.

Some runners are just satisfied with completing the marathon, but most set some kind of time goal.

The elite runners try to finish a marathon less than two and a half hours.

Unless you are training for the Olympics, you probably will want to set a more reasonable goal.

One of the most popular finishing time goals for amateur runners is to complete the marathon in 4 hours or less.

book-sub4hour_rundreamachieveYou Need a Plan

If you want to complete a marathon in less than four hours, it may seem like it should be simple to accomplish.

After all, running a marathon in 4 hours or less is only running at a pace of 9:09 per mile.

That seems like it should be easy enough to most runners, but anyone who has actually completed the full 26.2 miles of a marathon knows how tough it can be to keep that pace up for such a long distance.

If you want to actually reach your goal of completing a marathon in 4 hours or less, you can make it easy on yourself by getting help with expert advice.

If you follow the plan laid out by The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint, you will have no problem achieving your goal.

Everything You Need

The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint  is a complete marathon training plan that will allow any runner to achieve their goal of running a marathon in less than four hours.

This amazing book has everything you need to train for the marathon.

There are lots of different training exercises, including ways of training your body with heart-rate training, professional advice from four of the world’s top marathon runners.

There are also lots of great ideas for maximizing nutrition both during training and while running the race itself, which are crucial for runners to achieve success in a marathon.

There is an easy-to-follow, 12-week training plan in the book for you to follow.

If you follow the training plan laid out in The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint, then you will find it easy to achieve your dream of finishing a marathon in 4 hours or less.

Everything you need is contained in this book. All you need to do is read it and follow the advice to achieve success.

You can improve so much and am certain one day soon you will be calling yourself a sub 4 hour marathoner.

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