Max International Business Opportunity

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Max International Business Opportunity

The max international business opportunity I write about is not so much about making money for me personally.

It is a rewarding way to be thanked for building a sales team dedicated to athletic performance and helping other people live healthier lives.

You can earn enormous amounts of money with this max international business opportunity?

That all depends on how driven and determined you want to be.

That isn’t the overall reason for writing this post.

If your only goal is to make money from max then you may not be as successful as you want to be.

What I mean is your head and heart have to be in the right place first.

Max International Business For Better Health

I have been a max international associate for the past 4 years and their company motto is the way I have tried to live my life.

People Before Profit

The benefit of helping people, whether it be by way of a kind word, coaching, mentorship or sharing nutritional and financial knowledge to makes ones life happier is my goal.

It reminds me of what Christ said,

It is more blessed to give then it is to receive -Acts 20:35

I decided first to be a preferred customer in which you are able to purchase products from Max for your nutritional needs.

Research and studying the positive effects of glutathione and the amazing work Dr. Robert Keller has done on was my main reason for taking it one step further, paying the $49 for the starter kit and becoming an associate.

Max International Business Opportunity Starter Kit

By purchasing a Starter Kit and generating a minimum of 50 CV, the new Associate becomes qualified to create their very own max international business opportunity:

1. Buy at Wholesale and sell at retail

2. Enroll Preferred Customers and earn a 25% bonus on their purchases

3. Enroll new Associates and earn a FastTrack Bonus (discussed below)

4. Access the Back Office (filled with tutorials, products you can purchase etc)

The ability to earn income while you are sleeping or regardless what you are doing is in stark contrast to the majority of people who trade time for money.

This is done to the peril of being away from loved ones and family.

A max international business opportunity shared within this post can change that…

..but are you willing to overcome your skepticism to try?

It is almost as if it is engrained in us to be taught since we are young and that there is simply no other way.

Seth Godin says it best,

If all we do with these tools is teach compliance, that’s all we are going to get. School can and must do more than train the factory workers of tomorrow

Earn Income With The Max International Business Opportunity

max businessWhich of the two would most people pick. I think the answer would be residual income but sadly most people don’t know what it is and choose the latter.

Residual means it reoccurring. It comes whether you sleep or work, playing with your kids, watching television, reading etc.

Earned income many people know and understand.

Residual income, oddly, wasn’t taught to us in high school or college which building a max international business can provide..

If you are willing to overcome your skepticism.

You could be driving on your way to work, playing with your kids, cooking dinner, sleeping and low and behold money is in your account.

That isn’t to say it came easily. Max International is a netWork marketing company.

The ‘get rich quick’ idea is a joke that most people fall for.

They think they can just join a company and start making instant money doing nothing.

The bottom line is this, your intentioned had better be on helping other people get what they want first.

Writing and creating products and services that my readers can be impacted from means everything to me.

I have received messages from athletes that set new personal bests, have more motivation and are excited about their running thanks to that time and effort put in.

Never underestimate that giving to others isn’t powerful.

It is beautiful and far more fulfilling then money although we all know without it, it is very hard to travel, buy things we may want (or need) and live comfortably.

Help Me, Don’t Talk About Yourself

max teamPeople aren’t interested in you. They are interested (or should be) in what you can do for them.

Can you help them lose weight, live healthier, perform better. These are all areas of expertise you can share with them by becoming a max associate.

The idea of it being more blessed to give then it is to receive is valid and true.

The majority of athletes and non-athletes alike have no idea that when they are sick, fatigued and tired it is most likely due to very low glutathione levels in the body.

The body produces it but much like iron, you have to take supplementation and eat foods high in it to combat fatigue.

I wish I would have had someone 23 years ago telling me what I am telling you right now because I would be listening.

The max international business opportunity for athletes stems from the fact that here is a way we can spread knowledge to people all over the world as well as other athletes on something very few, if any, know about, glutathione.

Financial Freedom – Max Compensation Overview

I have placed a few explanations of terms below to help you get a better understanding of how you can actually earn income by sharing this max international business opportunity with your friends, family and other athletes you may know.

The fact that I did not even know about glutathione until 6 months ago astounds me.

I have read hundreds of books over the years, studied under some of the world’s top distance running coaches who ever mentioned it once to me.

It is pretty clear the numbers are probably quite high. Did you know there are over 100,000 peer reviewed articles written about Glutathione on PubMeb?

How come there is 58,233 articles written about a vitamin we all know quite that helps to support the bodies immune system (Vitamin C) yet nearly anyone know anything about Glutathione?

The questions needs to be asked.


Why aren’t there commercials on television about this?

Is the real treatment for the common cold, flu, cancer to get vaccinated or is it quite likely these individuals have extremely low glutathione levels in their bodies?

You do notice it is always the last thing I bring up?

Below are a few ways you may earn income by becoming a Max Associate.



1. Retail Sales – When you buy a product at wholesale you keep the difference.



2. Preferred Customer Commission – You receive 25% commissions as well as 50% PV from all orders placed by your preferred customers.



3. FastTrack Bonus – When you enroll Associates that purchase one of our Enrollment Product Packs, you’ll receive a FastTrack Bonus based on which pack was received.



4. Double FastTrack Bonus – Paid when a Qualified Associate has three or more of their personally sponsored Associates purchase a Premiere or a Professional Pack within a calendar month.



5. Team Bonus – All Qualified Associates will earn 10% of the total CV that the Pay Leg if their Binary Sales Tree generates per month. Associates can earn a maximum of $25,000 in Team Bonus per month



6. Matching Check Bonus – The Matching Check Bonus (MCB) is paid on the Team Bonus of the people in your Enrollment Tree up to the the 7th generation.

max pay



7. Global Bonus Pool – Two Percent of the company’s global CV is put into a Global Bonus Pool and is paid to Qualified Associates, For each 1,000 CV that an Associates Pay Leg volume grows compared to the prior month, the Associate will receive one share in the Global Bonus Pool.



8. Platinum and Diamond Pools – 0.75% go the monthly global CV is put in two separate pools and is paid exclusively to Associates who are Platinum Diamond and above.



9. Max Living Bonus – Max International believes in helping other Associates achieve what matters most to them. The bonuses are paid out to Platinum ($500.00USD), Diamond ($750.00USD), Double Diamond ($1,000USD) and Triple Diamond and Above ($1,500 USD).

max athletes

Max International Business Opportunity Terminology 

Here is an overview of the terms used above so you better understand how earning income with Max is created.

Autoship – This is the most convenient way for you and your Preferred Customers to receive Max products monthly if you were to buy your own. Just select the products and Max will deliver them to your door the same day, every month.

Loyalty Autoship – Loyalty has its rewards and the LA program is the most economical way to receive Max products. To receive Max products at a substantial discount, this program requires a 3 month Autoship commitment. As a Max Associate I signed up for the Loyalty Autoship program myself.

Binary Sales Tree – All Associates are part of the Max Sales Team. Each Associate builds a left and right sales team. These two teams together make up your binary sales team.

Enrollment Tree – Every Associate that you personally enroll starts your Enrollment Tree. Any Associates that they enroll are also added to the tree, and the same goes for anyone that this next group enrolls. Each successive level of Associates is called a ‘generation’ as mentioned above.

Enrollment Tree Gold Team – Any enrollment tree leg that has at least 1 Associate that achieves the paid rank of Gold or above is considered a Gold Team.

Generation – Each level of your Enrollment Tree is called a generation. Your personally enrolled Associates comprise your 1st generation. Any Associates that your 1st generation enrolls comprises your 2nd Generation. Your 2nd Generation enrolls your 3rd, and so on. While this can continue indefinitely, MCB pays up to the 7th Generation.

Paid Rank – is the rank that the Associate is paid at for any given month.

Pay Leg – Every month, whichever sales team, left or right, if your Binary Sales Tree that generates the lowest amount of CV is your Pay Leg, The Pay Leg determines how much of a Team Bonus you earn for each month as well as contributing to your Pin Rank level.

Learn More About The Max Business Opportunity

Pin Rank – is the highest rank achieved by an Associate.

Qualified Associates – Have enrolled a minimum of two personally active Associates with 1 placed in each left and right Binary Sales Team and have a minimum of 100 PV (personal volume) in a qualifying month to be paid a Team Bonus, a Double FastTrack Bonus, and a Matching Check Bonus (if at least Bronze rank).

Sales Team – All Associates are part of a Max Sales Team. Each Associate is directly above a left and right sales team. Those two teams together make up your Binary Sales Tree. The smaller sales team, whether left or right, is referred to as the Pay Leg. The other, larger sales team is referred to as the Strong leg.

Strong Leg – Every month, whichever sales team, left or right, of your Binary Sales Tree that generates the most CV is your Strong Leg. Any CV amount in your Strong Leg that is greater the Pay Leg amount for a month carries over to the same sales team for the following month.

What is CV?

It stands for Carried Forward Volume. Any amount of an Associates Strong Leg on the Binary Sales Tree that is greater than the Pay Leg is carried over to the next month’s CV total. If an Associate’s left sales team of their Binary Sales Tree is the Strong Leg for that month, then any amount of CV larger than the Pay Leg’s amount will be added to the left sales team’s CV for the next month. Carried Forward Volume ALWAYS carries over to the same sales team, left or right, regardless of which one is the Strong or Pay Leg.

If you would like to know more on how becoming an Associate can help you free up your time, impact other people’s lives for the better, earn a secondary income or even quit your job visit the RDA Max International Business Page now.

For further compensation information download the Compensation Guide.

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