Max International Compensation Plan

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Max International Compensation plan 

One of the most interesting aspects of the max international compensation plan is they offer their associates 50% of every sale they make.

I have been receiving some questions regarding max international and why I chose the company and I have faced a few folks who don’t seem interested or wonder why this is on my site.

Look, I totally understand that my readers won’t be interested whatsoever in a company like Max.

The bottom line is this, I want to help people both as an athlete and as someone who enjoys studying entrepreneurship.

It is up the reader to make the decision to disregard the information or consider where they currently are at in life, are they happy, have sufficient time, answer to an alarm clock or don’t care either way.

I’ll never understand why so many people, myself included for many years, accept that trading their precious time, being stuck in traffic on their way to and from work and being away from their families for the majority of their life, as acceptable.

Time vs Money 


RDA is just as much other runners website as it is mine but I am interested in committed, focused and individuals who are going to appreciate what I write, create and share.

I’m not interested in short term friendships.

I am interested in people that ‘stick’, long-term, committed professionals who don’t accept the status quo and are sick and tired of being told what they cannot do, where they cannot go, and barely getting by.

The majority of rundreamachieve is free content.

Anyone can take the tips I share and the information I provide and become a better runner and in this case share with the world health and actually earn money at the same time.

Yet, some people still don’t want to hear that. They like being workers, part of the industrial machine that yearns for people to give their time for a paycheck in return every 2 weeks.

There are those who willingly accept this without ever realizing that entrepreneurs earn while they sleep. I am still scratching my head as to why people don’t ‘get’ this.

Results don’t come by way of dreaming about them.

People want to change their circumstances but at the same time aren’t willing to research and fight the status quo that surrounds them.

The comfort zone is fine for them.

I like to remain out of it and like being around people that think the same way.

Fighting traffic on a daily basis is not ‘ok’ to me.

Building a business for money is not my objective.

It is time that is the most precious thing freedom of my time is and having more of it to help other people.

You can make unlimited amounts of money with max international depending on your drive, but we all have limited amounts of time and that is why the gentleman that made the comment completely missed the boat.

We want to run faster but we aren’t willing to put in the mileage and consistency to truly see what our potential is.

People complain about their work environments and the people that they associate with but they don’t always look into alternative ways to change that.

Wanting a blog is writing from time to time and then getting bored, quitting and adding it to the endless amounts of other ‘fluff’ floating around the internet.

You have to do what you love because any other sane person would quit otherwise – Steve Jobs

Doing is investing your time, money and resources into building a business realizing you may run into a handful of folks who simply don’t care nor will take action regardless what you say, write or create.

Everyone has different goals.

Freedom of time and earning money 24 hours a day isn’t what we have been taught so it isn’t a surprise people haven’t woken up to this.

Doing is different than wanting.

max international compensation plan

It is placing your faith into the unknown and facing your fears. Doing is continuing to train despite failing in the marathon and having other, more prominent runners, tell you to quit because you haven’t measured up or run fast enough.

Doing is loving something more then you love yourself and realizing that you are going to have to make an honest and real effort to achieve your goal, regardless what it is.

We are all skeptics of something.

That will never work, it is just another scam. I did that form of training before, didn’t work so I won’t try it again.

Wanting is the well traveled road 99.99% of people travel on.

The brainwashed masses who, at no fault of their own, who have been trained since childhood to obey, conform and do as they are told.

Doing is thinking for yourself, using your strengths. It is saying to yourself that no matter what I am going to commit to my goals regardless if people listen or not.

They can stay where they want if they wish but I am not going to live with regret and sit back years from now and wonder ‘what if’.

Doing is not letting age stop you from setting a personal best. Meb Kheflezghi just won the Boston Marathon in 2.08.36 at age 39.

He is a doer. Wanting to win was simply not enough and it took massive action and faith to create that type of result.

What about the max international compensation plan?

Isn’t that what this article is about?

I’ll get to that in a minute.

There is a place for earning income but I want you, the reader, to understand this, your time should be the ‘why’ in becoming a max international associate, the money is possible, but you damn sure had better have the right reasons for doing it.

The Max International Compensation Plan Misconception

I am not under the delusion that anyone reading this will take action because I know most won’t.

There are many reasons for this.

It could be that they are fully satisfied with their career, don’t want another revenue stream or came here to just read about running and that is fine.

Sharing information is what I like to do, that doesn’t mean people are going to follow advice.

I had a coach who told me for years, ‘Nate, running 140 miles a week won’t get you to a sub 2.22.00 marathon’.

This was a Boston Marathon champion who coached me and told me this.

What did I do?

I didn’t listen. She let me follow my own path and learn for myself.

It wasn’t until I realized that quality is more important than quantity, that running 90 miles a week, rather then upwards of 145 miles would help me yield a 2.19 marathon time.

You have to be open to advice. I think we fear too much the unknowns and remain in the same well traveled path everyone else takes.

Go to school, get good grades and by all means don’t fail, and learn how to be an employee.

The amount of people working far past retirement age is staggering and yet no one wants to research or listen to alternatives that not only will impact their lives financially but will help give their time back to them.

This isn’t about money! It is about having an opportunity to share with other health.

You earning money from it is largely due in part to the fact that you took the time to place their needs in front of your own.

Those that comment had better get that right before they think they have me figured out.

Earning income wasn’t my focus.

I just wanted to know what the company was doing, what was their real mission and could I be a good fit seeing I have been a serious athlete for many years.

More importantly, was this something my readers would be interested in and could lives be impacted by this.

Will some of you not be?

I suspect so, but someone will come to this post and take the time, as I did, to look at the positives, overcome their skepticism, pay the $49 to become an associate and take the challenge.

I have interests outside of running.

There are things that concern me that I rarely discuss here such as living in a country where we spent 2.7 trillion dollars in health care in 2013 yet still rank 51st in the world.

That is a problem.

We have unlimited amounts of money for military conflicts but have so many financially uneducated people in the world who won’t even take the time to study out banking system and the way things are set up.

I mentioned Max International and a company that will soon be a multi-billion dollar company that is relatively young and people jump to the conclusion that I just want to make money.

One, paper money is not money, it is currency.

It hasn’t been backed by gold or silver since 1971.

The federal reserve can print up money at will yet we trade our precious time, life and limb for it and than get taxed on top of that!

Two, there is more important goals I have in mind being a max associate than talking about the max international compensation plan.

Why am I bring it up last?

Why do we have to rely so much on vaccinations and what the media tells us we should do to live healthier yet don’t take the time to research the over 132,000 peer reviewed articles written about glutathione on PubMed?

How come we know about Vitamin C but have never heard of Riboceine?

Vitamin C has over 53,000 articles on PubMed yet one of the most crucial antioxidants (Glutathione) for abundant health has over twice that many written about it.

The skepticism of a network marketing company that is sharing health and helping people live a more financially stable life needs to be overcome.

It took me some time to defeat my own skepticism so I ‘get’ why others would feel the same but the easy way of defeating that is simply to look at the alternatives.

No one forced this on me. I had a friend who is, himself, an associate and talked to me about it. I did my own research, liked the overall mission and joined.

Do you like earning money by giving up your precious, limited time or does the idea of helping people and earning money regardless what time of the day it is or what you are doing sound more appealing?

It is all a choice and most people won’t take the time to consider it. If you take the time to review the max international compensation plan you may see what so others fail to realize.

They like their safe, secure job and there is nothing wrong with it if you are one of those professionals who have no interest in something like this.

Sharing with you my feeling about this is no different then writing about how to run a half marathon faster.

You either take the advice, listen to it, or disregard and maintain the same set pattern you followed before.

Results come though action. It takes massive action to mine precious metals.

They have enormous amounts of sustainable wealth but they have to be sought after and immense man hours have to be put in to find them.

What do you think has more value?

A ten dollar bill or one ounce of silver?

Why do so many people realize our currency here in the United States has no longer been backed by gold or silver since 1971 yet we think of the paper federal reserve has real value.

There has not been a currency in world history that has ever survived. All have gone back to their true, extrinsic worth, zero.

It is ironic that the moment network marketing comes up people look for the first window to jump out of. The first thing that comes to mind is ‘scam’.

My viewpoint is this. The status quo thinks like this.

Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by some new talent or opportunity presented to them. The have developed the opportunity that was at hand – Bruce Barton

The Max International Compensation Plan Difference

Successful entrepreneurs take risks, they create with no guarantee for success but they get sick and tired of accepting what they have been taught that doesn’t work and take action.

The difference with max is in their motto, people before profit.

I love that.

It reminds me of our motto when I was a member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program, Soldier’s First.

If a Soldier’s only goal is to go through basic training to be an athlete at WCAP and then get out without ever having served in a regular army unit then why call yourself a Soldier in the first place?


I was a part of a great military unit filled with fantastic athletes who had interest in their sport but had no intention of serving in the real mission of what a true Soldier does.

That isn’t to say that every Soldier who was a part of that unit didn’t deploy or come from the real Army such as myself because there are plenty in the WCAP ranks who have.

I am pertaining to those who had no intention whatsoever of doing real Army work.

They were great at their sport and that was their goal but wearing the Army uniform, deploying to some forgotten land, for little pay and high danger was not why they signed up.

They either got out of the service or continue to remain at the unit until they retire. My commander at the time said something that stays with me to this day.

The only difference between you all here at WCAP and those Soldiers’ down in the line units is opportunity. You all live it up and still some of you in our ranks can’t remain disciplined despite being in such an environment.

There was a Soldier that had been pulled over and given a DUI so needless to say it was not a good day for all of us when he said this.

He obviously was unhappy that people could take such an enormous opportunity and throw it away, not value it.

People will do what serves them best but living is when you take the focus off yourself and share with others ways to build their lives up, encourage them.

The difference in being a part of something bigger then yourself is taking on the risks that far too few people are willing to take on.

It is being willing to accept flack you’ll likely receive, as I did, when individuals don’t want to hear what doesn’t interest them, when they threaten to ‘unfriend’ your page because they didn’t even take the time to get to know me or educate themselves.

It is focusing on people first, profit later as Max clearly has for the past seven years.

I chose to write about the max international compensation plan last because people need to get this, it isn’t about the compensation.

The compensation for sharing with others Max’s products should be secondary.

The mission of Max and your job as an associate, if you so choose, is to impact people’s lives, both physically, emotionally and financially.

Our time, is the most priceless gift we have. If you think my objective is money then you need to move on, totally disregard the hours it has taken me to write this post.

This article, too, pertains to fitness but sadly people have already got ‘caught up’ with the network marketing scam idea stuck in their head and that is why most will not take action.

If you know me by now you’ll know helping others is my goal, building a business and working with others to do the same, writing and creating.

The rich and the poor alike have limited time.

The max international compensation plan is an opportunity, nothing more, nothing less. It is there for those willing to take action.

How we choose to live our lives, handle our finances and invest in financial education is up to us.

If we don’t make a change, learn of ways to control and manage our time better then, believe me, someone else will gladly do the job for you.

How we choose to use our time is also up to us.

We can follow what we have been taught in school to get good grades, get a job and to learn to be a good employee.

We can choose to be stuck in traffic to and from work on a daily basis and have that empty feeling that ‘something isn’t right with this’ continuing to eat at us.

We either take action or we don’t.

It is no different then preparing for a 5K or a marathon competition.

Wanting and doing are two vastly different things and sadly more people do the former then the latter.

So now that we have covered the real reasons one should seek to become an associate let’s cover the basics of how associates earn income with the company.

There are 9 components built into the Max International Compensation Plan

1. Retail Sales

2. Preferred Customer Commissions (people that enroll with the company are then linked directly to you. These individuals can purchase products at the wholesale price by enrolling in Autoship, an easier way to receive max products)

3. Fast Track Bonus

4. Double Track Bonus

5. Team Bonus

6. Matching Check Bonus

7. Platinum and Diamond Pools

9. Max Living Bonus

Associates and Customers

You can sign up to be either.

Associates are members of your Max Sales who have purchased a Starter Kit ($49).

They have access to the max back office which is invaluable in that one is able to invest their time in learning more about the company and ways to built their own team.

Associates that you enroll personally or decide to enroll through your upline are a part of your sales tree. When they sell you earn, when you sell, they earn. Everyone is a success and helps each other out.

The great thing is when you built your team, every member of your team is impacted in a positive way.

Use the max international compensation to both you and your fellow associates advantage.

A retail customer can purchase products either directly from you or online and pay the suggested retail price for the product and you keep the difference.

A preferred customer enrolls with the company and are then linked to you. PC’s can buy products at wholesale price by enrolling in Autoship.

Thmax international compensation plan is rather easy to understand. They define their terms from the beginning. Commission volume or ‘CV’.

CV’s are used in a point structure so 1 ‘CV’ point is awarded for every dollar you earn in sales.

The fact that they are so up front is what makes them different in that they understand the corportate and the individual side to network marketing.

How Does The Max International Compensation Plan Work?

Associates start off by paying a one-time fee of $49 for the max starter kit.

To stay active associates must 50 PCV (or Personal Commissional Volume) per month to earn monthly check bonuses.

This means that you either successfully sold products yourself or purchased them outright or a combination of the two.

The max international compensation plan pays commissions on associates retail sales. When you sale a product at retail you keep the difference.

Max associates are paid a full 25% bonus on every order that is placed by their personally enrolled preferred customers.

The interesting thing about this company is that as you build your own, you have family and friends that you signed up that earn as you do.

It is like a puzzle. It isn’t complete until all pieces are working in unison and together.

There is no cost for people to join to be a preferred customer but they are required to participate in the autoship program so they can purchase Max products at wholesale pricing, save money and participate in the Friends and Family Program.

In closing, ‘the bottom line up front’ as we say in the military, is this.

Max International is a wonderful way as an athlete to share with other endurance athletes and non-athlete better and healthier ways to compete, combat disease and live more optimally.

If your only goal is to make money then don’t be a part of max because their mission states people is their first mission, profit second.

Don’t sign up to become an associate if you think you don’t have to work either. This is a netWORK marketing company that is revolved around fitness and health.

It takes work and relationship with others willing to listen to be successful but your heart has to be in the right place as well.

I’ve been an athlete and interested in health for a very long time, far before Max International even existed so I know my heart is where it needs to be.

The compensation for sharing healthy products with my readers and building their interest in something that matters is icing on the cake.


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