Mileage And Marathon Running

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Mileage and Marathon Running

Mileage and marathon running is only have the battle when it comes to running success.

We will always run our best when we let go of all the little variables that can get in the way of our success.

When was the last time you stressed about how you were going to get in your car and drive to the grocery store to pick up some groceries.

The answer is we don’t.

It is automatic and we have done it so many times before that we don’t even think about it.

Have you even been in a flow state where everything goes perfect in your race and you wonder how on earth you performed the way you did?

I know I have, when I ran 2.19 for the marathon it was as if I was doing any other long run that I had done in the past, yet I was running sub 5 minute pace with 2.08 Kenyan athletes.

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2 thoughts on “Mileage And Marathon Running

  1. This is such an awesome blog Nathan! I needed something like this for a while… my running game has dropped off quite a bit and its whats always kept me focused on goals, it kept me motivated too.. but you know what I mean. My want my 5K back!!!

    Looks like a solid opp too… the resoucrces look so powerful too.. Wow.. thank you for that bro… I’m going to use this to get back! I’ve been focusing all my time and enegry on other things and burned myself out a few times..

    This is exactly what I need to balance it all out. I have quite a few obligations at the time, but will be ready with the next 30 days. #settinggoals!

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