Need A Training Schedule?

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need a training schedule

Need A Training Schedule?

Let’s think of this way in answering that question.

If you were to set off for Dallas, Texas and you lived in Louisville, Kentucky would you just get in your car, turn on the tunes and set off for your journey?

No map, no GPS.

How successful do you think you would be in reaching your destination with no map or guide?

I think it is safe to say the journey will become quite problematic, confusing and much more difficult had you written down the directions to make it to your rally point.

It has been said that athletes who need a training schedule are twice as likely to succeed then if they just went about their training guessing as each day arrived.

Have More Patience

Personally, I broke 2.20 for the marathon and came within seconds of breaking 1.07 for the half-marathon because I had a training schedule that was written by an experienced, battle hardened coach.

One that understood where I came from, what I was dealing with and took the time.

Lisa Rainsberger, my coach of three years, charged $500.00 per month for her services. She did not come cheap and many people would not be willing to pay that high of a price.

There is nothing wrong with charging a service as long as it yields results and money isn’t the top priority.

Getting emails from athletes I work with or who read RDA telling me they dropped time or gained motivation by what is written here or have followed my training philosophy is far more valuable then any paper money.

Beginner to advanced level training 

I wanted to create plans that were not going to break people’s bank accounts and that were very reasonably priced.

I built them in such a way that both beginner to advanced level runners would have no option but to improve. Far too many athletes aren’t dialing in on the areas of training that matter most.

It isn’t mileage. High mileage run at far too slow of speeds isn’t going to get results for the athlete who is seeking a specific time goal.

It isn’t going to challenge the athlete that wants to get fitter and simply enjoy the sport more either. It would be compounding the problem.

Keep it simple sexy!

It doesn’t matter if you are putting in 140 miles week.

If 95% of that volume is spent running 2 minutes slower then your goal pace it is time not well spent.

Why do you think there are so many athletes out there running 50 miles a week equalling or surpassing the runners putting up 120 miles weeks?

Quality over quantity.

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If you need a training a schedule, it has to encompass that fundamental.

I know, it isn’t easy for many runners to believe in but the longer you compete and are in the sport, the more you ‘get’ this.

Affordable Training Schedules With A Twist

need a training scheduleIf you need a training schedule and are not really looking for one-on-one coaching perhaps the new Rundreamachieve training schedules will be the best possible choice for your success.

They are conveniently set up to scroll week by week with daily reminders of what you are doing and the reasons behind it.

I have spent months formatting, thinking over and revising training plans for beginner to advanced level runners focused on the 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon distances and have now launched access to anyone willing to take them on.

Check out the new RDA training schedules.

Low Pricing, Superior Results

The maximum price for any of the new RDA training schedules is a mere $29.99 for a 16-week training plan.

I charge higher rates for my personal coaching, but do realize that there are many athletes around the world who aren’t really interested in daily or weekly email correspondence and interacting with a coach.

One of my readers suggested I create individual plans to better accommodate athletes who have these types of goals in mind.

These goals can be easily reached by paying a few bucks for a strategic, short or long term plan that will yield optimum results.

If you want some bang for your buck I am fully confident that the 23 years of national and international experience I bring to these training schedules will produce results.

Money Back Guarantee

need a training scheduleI am mature enough to realize that there is more to life then money.

I want to impact lives and have already have been blessed to personally coach runners who have either earned Boston Marathon qualifying standards or dropped numerous minutes off their personal bests.

That is payment in and of itself.

I don’t need the money. I need to continue to read and hear from other runners I work with or have used my techniques to drop time, weight and set new personal best times.

If RDA training schedules do not impact your fitness or the way you feel…if it doesn’t challenge you in any way then simply email me and I will refund your money.

It is as simple as that.

I’m out for results. I didn’t get into this sport in 1992 to be average and I don’t want anyone that works with me personally or uses my training plans to not surpass their goals.

If you, your friends or family who take on these training schedules do not dramatically improve, in some way, then I am not doing my job and I will gladly return your funds.

Worth The Funds

There is far more to this to me then getting a quick buck.

It is all a choice whether we take action or not.

My job is to create and share things that will change people’s lives for the better, first and foremost.

I am just as hard on what I create as I am with my own training. We are all in this training, weight loss, goal setting journey together.

If you have been searching for or thinking about starting a running plan all RDA plans are conveniently priced at absurdly low prices.

An entire, 4-month training plan specifically built to run faster at any distance ranging from 5K to the marathon distance.

If you are interested simply stop in the rundreamachieve training schedule page and purchase your new plan today.

Share with family, friends or co-workers you may know who would be interested.

I’m putting my name and reputation on these training schedules and am fully confident they will help runners dramatically improve and set new personal bests.

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