NonConformance Management Process


Nonconformance Management Process

Why master the nonconformance management process?

nonconformance management process

Easy, choose to do what 99.99% of your friends, family, co-workers, teachers tell you not to do.

The crab in the bucket mentality is everywhere.

The moment you start to do, think or act differently then the people around you is the time when you will have to make the decision to either get out or remain.

There is a choice but unless we get over our fears we’ll remain where we have always been.

We are all here for far too short amount of time not to truly love what we do. There are many people in the world who love being an employee and there is nothing wrong with that.

Trade Time For Money?

They’ll work for 20-40 years in a career giving their free time away from their families if need be for it.

I think that is commendable and professional but often times I wonder if the majority of these same people, if they had control of where they had to be to earn a paycheck, would be where the alarm clock and boss tells them they need to be?

Would their mindset change? If they had the choice to have freedom of their time to do and go where they want would the same individual do the same thing?


To quote Al Pittampalli, “why bother going to a meeting if you’re not prepared to change your mind?” To which I’d add, “Don’t bother having a meeting if you’re not there to change or make a decision right now.”

Somewhere along the way, meetings changed into events where we wait for someone to take responsibility (while everyone else dives for cover) -Seth Godin

I feel EXACTLY the same way when I am in charge of a meeting every wednesday of every week and I’m doing the talking (wanting to scream to the top of my lungs and run out the door inwardly because the same meeting I head up has been having the same issues for the past 10 years!) while everyone sits back and just listens and hunkers down in their chairs.

A Choice

What do you value more?

It is a sick feeling and no amount of rank or pay would I take if I could run for the hills instead of feeling uncomfortable, not able to joke or be myself but rely on the corporate matrix I am currently in.

I already know I can be easily replaced as an employee.

My comfort and peace is here at RDA. It is where I can create, write, network with professionals who aren’t interested in the status quo. They like to be fit, have freedom to express themselves.

If you are dissatisfied and are seeking to break the matrix you are currently in perhaps you’ll ‘get’ what I am writing more then those who will continue to follow the same boring, well traveled, safe and secure path.

..that path isn’t so safe and secure anymore folks.

We have to seek alternatives so free up our time. If you are an employee you don’t have freedom of your time.

Why are there entrepreneurs in Monaco right now sitting on the beach earning income throughout the day while so many are going to jobs they are not happy with barely making ends meet?

Why have we followed the same adage everyone else follows. Go to school, get a college degree which will train you to be an employee and work for someone else.

Is this truth?

Use Common Sense 

Dear God how I want to get up, just one day, and feel totally content and happy.

Leverage of time, not the paycheck or salary, not the rank, not someone calling me ‘Sir’ every damn day so they can feel beneath me, is what I seek.

I can think of countless privates and lower enlisted Soldiers who have more street smarts and just as much talent, gifts and education as me without the debt occurred from a college education.

They are treated less and do far more work, no one ‘salutes’ them but get yourself a degree at the cost of a few grande (or higher) and you can be called ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’. Who comes up with this stuff?

I’m not royalty!

I’d rather have people feel special and as equals rather then less of what they are. It is twisted and a system that was set up long before I was born by people who taught conformity.

Do as your told, don’t question my authority and by all means don’t think for yourself.

We’ll do that for you.

The way it has always been done is boring, it is an instruction manual someone else made up that you are to follow.

Why Max?

nonconformance management processI write about Max for a reason.

Here is an opportunity for athletes such as yourself, even someone who has never run a day in their life, to do the complete opposite of what the people around them are doing and become an entrepreneur.

There are people in this world that have everything materially that anyone would be envious of, an enormous house, a nice car, a sweet job they got after getting in debt spending 16-18 years in school….but there is just one problem with it.

They are a slave to paying for the toys they have and yet they know no other alternatives. It is all they have ever been taught.

You take out a loan to get a mortgage for your home yet the bank owns it and the moment you start missing payments they can take it away from you. They own you because you have to get up to go somewhere where someone else tells you to be. THAT is not freedom.

It takes the creativity and joy for life out of ‘some’ people.

The majority of people will willingly (at no fault of their own) comply, do as their told as long as they get that paycheck so they can keep the roof over their head.

Jim Rohn said it best,

People would do better if they knew better

It is almost as if it has been engraved, brainwashed into our minds that the only way to get ahead in this world is to get a college degree so you get a job to pay off the debt over the next decade.

I don’t work around happy people.

I work with hard working, talented, educated civilian and military workers who dread coming into work. I’m tired of hearing ‘its monday’ or ‘can’t wait until the weekend’.

5 days of work for 2 days of rest is not only asinine, it doesn’t make good sense.

Why do we have to wait until friday to be relieved and happy?

I can smile and say its a wonderful life, be positive all I want but the bottom line is I am away from the one I love for the entire day only to come home, have a couple hours of relief, just to get up and go do the same routine again the next day.

No control of time.

There are ways the status quo won’t follow to gain this edge. It isn’t about making money. There is limitless amounts of currency printed and being traded daily.

What we have limited amounts of is time yet we freely give it away in exchange for a paycheck.

It is all we have ever been taught so it is normal to feel awkward or as if you are doing something wrong by not thinking the way everyone else around you thinks.

This site is more about running.

The dream and achieve segment of the site has only recently begun to take shape.

It is up to you if you want to run with the masses or be the light for others and impact their lives with your athletic ability and knowledge.

Freedom of Time 

Who has true freedom?

The one who can master the nonconformance management process. They are seeking alternatives and much like long distance runner, they won’t stop until their goal is reached.

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Some will listen and create massive waves, the majority will remain as crabs in the bucket constantly being pulled down by their peers who want them to do the same thing they are doing.

I’m not buying it and I will not conform.

Who has true freedom?

The home owner driving the sweet ride with the nice paying ‘job’ or the ‘bum’ out on the street no one pays any mind to, the one in which 9 times out of 10 you’ll walk right by and not even give him or her a second thought.

Who does that individual report to daily? That individual may not have money but they have control of their time and that is a beautiful thing.

They may be poor but they have time to talk to one of their homeless buddies for as long as they see fit.

They have no meetings to report to, there not constantly scrambling to meet spec and keeping up with the boss’s demand so he/she can have a wonderful, glowing OER or evaluation.

We may have jobs but as employees we have no leverage of our time.

Someone else is in control of that and people idly allow others to take the most precious thing in life they own, their time, away from family, friends in exchange for a few bucks that they will most definitely give away to creditors, the IRS and to bills (mortgage, college loans, credit cards, car payments etc) with barely enough to enjoy a six pack of coke and a cheeseburger for their labor and most importantly, their time.

Don’t go into work just one day and see what happens, one week, good luck.

If I didn’t show up to where someone else wanted me to be when I have limitless time on this earth to truly live and enjoy, for about an hour after I was supposed to report Id get a phone call or as big Army so eloquently calls it ‘AWOL’ (absent without leave). There was a time where there was no such thing as someone asking the question, ‘what time is it?’.

THAT is a new concept.

Why Do It The Way It’s Always Been Done? To Conform?

Conformity will never be my friend, never has been. There has to be more to life then money and this relatively new idea of a job.

There are people who have PLENTY of it who aren’t miserable and report to no one, there are also those who are poor and can say the same.

In the 1800’s people were more business owners, entrepreneurs.

Since the Industrial age this whole idea of ‘jobs’ sprouted wings and took flight.

The idea of school is only to prepare one to be an employee, to work for someone else. The older I get the less it makes sense. The employee is the highest taxed individual.

I know people won’t ‘get’ this but some will, especially those who get up knowing if they could they’d spend the time they spend driving to, at, and from work on creating, with their children, spouse, on living…instead they MUST report to work so they can get those bills taken care of.

I just see a lot of people who look at income and prowess as everyone before them always looked at it.

They’ll spend endless hours watching basketball or talking about what some celebrity wore at the Grammy’s but won’t take the time to study, research and learn about those who doing the complete opposite and living a drastically different lifestyle.

If anything motivates me on a daily basis it is to find greater ways on leveraging the limited time I have on this earth. Money is limitless, there is well over 170 BILLION dollars traded daily on the stock market.



I, and perhaps you, need to start surrounding myself with people who realize that TIME, not money, is what we need to gain more control over instead of being controlled ourselves.

5 days of debt servitude for 2 days of freedom is an asinine matrix far too many people follow.

We can do better.

Join me today and let’s work together to help people around the world live healthier and help them gain the time freedom they have never known thanks to the system that taught them.

This isn’t coming from someone not telling you to remain in the bucket like everyone else but from an individual who understands that there is more to this life then what we have been taught.

If someone tells you that you aren’t good enough, too slow, past your prime in the sport are you going to believe that mindset? Why would you believe the same with income?

Is a college degree the only way? Tell that to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs (among others) who never graduated college yet are the richest people in the world.

Last but not least I will close in saying, ‘being rich’ isn’t making a lot of money. It is having the time to enjoy it and time to be with the ones you love. That is true wealth.

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