Preparing For A Spartan Race?

max international independent associatePreparing for a spartan race

Are you preparing for a spartan race?

I am talking about an epic effort you will remember for the rest of your life.

Bruce Lee has always been an enormous influence on my life as an athlete.

Everyday is a blessing. Use your time wisely while training for your next race.

What does this quote mean to you? How can you apply it in your training?

Can you run a little father? Make a greater commitment to prepare for the type of performance you seek?

Don’t take for granted the ability you already possess.

Overweight? So what, you have the strength and ability to lose the weight. 3.50 marathoner wanting to break 3.20? Why not you?

2.40 marathoner losing motivation, sub 2.20 is not a reality for you? I call BS! You have have the tools and the time. We live in the richest country on earth with probably more opportunities then any other nation.

What excuse do you have to not run fast times, lose weight, drop 30 seconds off your 10K time.

I am in Louisiana and don’t have the time to write but wanted to send this short post to make you think.

Stay motivated, keep running, visualizing and seeing your goal on a daily basis. Expect it to be hard but the payoff will be much greater then you could ever imagine.

What does Bruce’s quote mean to you?

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