How To Dominate The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Barrier

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Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

There are runners who have broken the sub 2 hour half marathon but there are countless others still seeking to break the standard. Running is an art.

Let’s face it.

We spend the majority of our lives going into work, coming back from work and very little of our week days are available to spend with our own families.

If you are like me, running is your outlet. It is the one time during the day that you can totally devote to taking care of yourself. Our days are spent trying to meet deadlines, keeping the boss happy.

Do you feel you are a cog in a machine and running is your way to break away from all the stress and life responsibilities?

Creating a product for runners around the world seeking to break the sub 2 hour half marathon has been a labor of love. I created the sub 2 hour half marathon manifesto in aims of showing athletes step-by-step how to hold 9.09 or better pace for 13.1 miles.

  • Motivation – How do I stay motivated and consistent in my own training. The manifesto is not only a how-to guide for athlete seeking to break 2 hours for the half marathon distance but consists of enough motivation to fill a Super Bowl stadium.
  • Fueling – How can runners get to mile 7 or 8 in the half marathon and feel even better in the last mile of the race. The manifesto describes ways runners can tackle this problem and run consistently at 9.09 per mile pace or better every time.
  • What to eat the week before, night before and morning of the race.
  • Common mistakes runners make in training that could cost them months of hard work.
  • Details of how I went from 2.43 to 2.19 in the marathon and how runners can make bigger leaps far faster then I did.
  • Discussion of what I did to drop my half-marathon time from 1.10.33 to 1.07.06. Tactics and techniques I learned from the world’s best coaches
  • A 12-Week sub 2 hour half marathon domination plan¬†providing the athlete a clear way ahead to getting under 2 hours for the distance.
  • Far more race pace training ideas and concepts runners can use then provided on the website
  • Methods to save you time and failure in breaking the barrier
  • Personal interaction that far too many training plans miss. It is more then just a 12-week sub 2 hour half marathon plan. It is personal coaching, fitness coaching and an intense sport psychology seminar wrapped into one.
  • and much, much more.

Grab a Copy Of The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto Today

sub2If you are tired of just missing the sub 2 hour half marathon barrier or even if you are currently in the 3 hour bracket what is contained within this piece will get you under the standard.

 Runners get enough fluff today on the internet. I have been where you are and I know what it feels like to work your ass off, knowing you have the capability to break a goal time and still miss it.

I know what it feels like for others to make negative comments about your efforts never having walked in your shoes, done the training or understand what failure truly feels like. Winners keep going until the job is done. Losers sit back and make judgement calls about athletes that continue to try despite missing goals.

What I wanted to create in this manifesto is not only just form a 12-week half marathon training plan but walk you through why you are doing the workouts in the first place and most importantly provide encouragement.

There are far too many training plans on the market that provide very little interaction and there is more to running than just throwing a training plan at an athlete.

There is power in having someone tell you that what you do matters and also can get down with you on a personal level.

I have made my commitment with you in this manifesto. If you are no 100% satisfied with what is contained within it, if nothing sticks out simply send me an email and I will gladly return your funds.

I am not going to create any product unless it is going to have an impact on my readers lives. Please share your comments and some of the struggles you have had to face in trying to break the sub 2 hour half marathon barrier. I would love to hear how you are aiming to get under the standard.

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