How To Train For A Half Marathon Properly

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How to train for a half marathon? There is no magic formula for training for a half marathon. The best runners will tell you that experimentation and persistence is what assisted them in learning what was the best methods for training for a half marathon race. Running is complicated. It doesn’t necessarily have to be […]

How To Define Success As A Runner

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How to define success as a runner Winston Churchill said something long ago that has been on my mind for the past week that I wanted to write about. It has to do with how runners define success. I think often times we get caught up in placing well, running fast times and justifying our […]

Half Marathon Training Mastery

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Half marathon training Half Marathon training isn’t really that much different than training for a marathon. You need to sharpen both your stamina and endurance to run both. Speed kills but unless you are running sub 6, sub 5 pace speed isn’t the key ingredient for this race. Train faster It is less an anaerobic […]