How To Wisely Train For A Half Marathon

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How to wisely train for a half marathon Have a solid plan. One of the biggest mistakes I have made is spanning my training block out too long. Success and improvements at every distance is about sitting down, ironing out all the details of what you want to accomplish and then forming a plan on […]

Tips To Overcome A Painfully Slow Half Marathon Effort

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A painfully slow half marathon effort can weigh on an athletes heart. We question if our best days are behind us or if we have what it takes to get the job done. The honest answer is neither of these scenarios are true. A bad race doesn’t define who you are nor should it cause […]

Half Marathon Tips To PR Faster

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Half Marathon Tips Everyone in this sport is different and has their own half marathon tips. What works best for me may not work best for you and vice versa. This is a demanding sport and you have to continually straighten out the weak links in your training. Results don’t come from wanting, they come […]

Training Tips To Run A Faster Half Marathon

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Training Tips To Run A Faster Half Marathon One of the worst feelings in the world is to get to mile 7 or 8 in the half marathon and realize you have not done your homework. Have you ever had that feeling going into a test where you know you crammed? You know some of […]

How To Train For A Half Marathon Properly

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How to train for a half marathon? There is no magic formula for training for a half marathon. The best runners will tell you that experimentation and persistence is what assisted them in learning what was the best methods for training for a half marathon race. Running is complicated. It doesn’t necessarily have to be […]