Run Training Plans

running training plans

Run Training Plans Are you seeking a new way of training and preparing for your 2015 racing season? I tried to create run training plans here at Rundreamachieve that were not only affordable but that will deliver results to my readers. I trained under Lisa Rainsberger, the last American female to win the Boston Marathon […]

How To Find Your Half Marathon Training Pace

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Half marathon training pace Finding the proper half marathon training pace is a matter of trial and error. It all depends on what your motives are in your preparation. What do I mean? Well, it is safe to bet that if you have as your goal to run a sub 2 hour half marathon, than […]

How To Run A Marathon In Under 4 Hours Faster Guaranteed

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Run A Marathon In Under 4 Hours To run a marathon in under 4 hours one must be able to maintain pace and fuel properly. The marathon is a fuel sport. Run out of gas and what happens? Your stuck on the middle of the road with your thumb up in the air. Don’t be […]