Why Are You Losing Motivation To Workout?

bristol half marathon

Losing motivation to workout? I wrote the 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint for runners seeking a 9.09 per mile pace or better for 26.2 miles. That being said, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to break 5 hours, 4, 3 or the 2.30 marathon barrier. The goal is getting accustomed to handle that pace comfortably. […]

Earn A Qualifying Time For Boston Marathon

qualifying time for boston marathon

Qualifying Time For Boston Marathon The qualifying time for boston marathon participation is not easy. You would think having run under 2.20 for the classic distance me mentioning that it isn’t easy would be comical, not so. Runners at my level or above should pay more respect to runners seeking to earn a qualifying time […]

Training Program For Half Marathon Runners

bristol half marathon

Training program for half marathon The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto is a training program for half marathon runners seeking to run below 9.09 per mile pace for 13.1 miles Are you one of the those runners? If you are than I want to tell you this, you have come to the right website. […]