Are We Born To Run?

I found this video by Christopher McDougall that asks the question ‘are we born to run‘ and wanted to share it with you all. I have read his book ‘Born To Run‘ and highly recommend it to add to your own personal running library. I think he brings up a lot of good points. Enjoy. […]

Common Running Injuries And How To Overcome Them

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Running Injuries A big question I get a lot from readers and visitors to is about running injuries. I write about various topics from how you determine tempo run length to fueling properly for marathons but running injuries is something that is even closer to my heart because of having to deal with them […]

How To Deny Doubt Its Power

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How to deny doubt How to deny doubt it’s grip on us means we have to take a time out, relax and re-group. I plan to start writing more short posts here at I know there are so many runners who feel the way I do out there. You may be one of them. […]

7 Running Workouts To Help You PR

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running workouts What are some running workouts that truly work? It is a question that many people will answer in different ways. One of the best ways to improve your running is to continue to implement different running workouts into your weekly training routine. The old saying, if you keep doing what your doing, you […]