Running A Faster Marathon

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Running A Faster Marathon Running a faster marathon is a common goal among countless runners. Running success comes from a great deal of patience and persistence on the part of the individual. A runner who has the goal of maintaining a 6 minute per mile pace or the equivalent of a 2 hour 37 minute […]

How To Train For A Marathon And PR Faster Guaranteed

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How To Train For A Marathon How to train for a marathon takes patience, a long-term approach and a razor sharp focus. It doesn’t matter what time you can run for the distance I am a firm supporter of anyone who is willing to run the distance. The marathon is tough, regardless if you have […]

Motivation For Marathon Training

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Motivation for marathon training Marathon training is a challenge. There is no sugarcoating this nor would I want to with my readers here at Achievement in this sport comes from an unwavering commitment to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are a 6 hour marathoner or trying to break the 2.10.00 barrier. You have […]