Invigorate Your Marathon Training

Marathon Training Let’s face it, marathon training is not always fun. It is especially difficult in weather conditions the United States is currently dealing with. Regardless, where you are in the world marathon training in warmer conditions makes enjoying marathon training all the more challenging. I am in Afghanistan where temperatures have been soaring over […]

4 Marathoning Mistakes To Avoid

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Marathoning Marathoning is not an easy task if you have had the opportunity to compete in one. How many times have we put in what we think is the perfect amount of mileage and are nailing workouts we dream about only to get 17 or 18 miles in a marathon fighting to finish? Marathoning takes […]

Why Are You Losing Motivation To Workout?

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Losing motivation to workout? I wrote the 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint for runners seeking a 9.09 per mile pace or better for 26.2 miles. That being said, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to break 5 hours, 4, 3 or the 2.30 marathon barrier. The goal is getting accustomed to handle that pace comfortably. […]