Marathon Thoughts

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I have been having some ‘interesting’ military work weeks as of late and one of the tools I have used to combat stress over the years training for races is humor. Runners deal with a lot. It is a tough sport. We have family and work responsibilities, goals we are trying to reach, stress can […]

Patience And Marathon Performance

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Optimal Marathon performance  is one of the most challenging, rewarding and character-building sports you can participate in. I have never experienced more trials and tests in athletics until I began training for the classic 26.2 mile distance back in 2002. Ironically, the same issue that plagued me in my debut at the 2002 New York […]

Beginner Fundamentals For Running A Faster Marathon

Running A Faster Marathon Running a faster marathon entails a lot of fundamentals many runners miss. Patience is number one. It isn’t just about what you do in the workouts but what you are doing the other parts of the day. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you drinking properly after your long runs and […]