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How To Start Running When You Are Overweight

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I have never once in my life made fun of someone who was overweight. I have always had a protective personality, especially toward people who are made fun, are categorized as weird, nerdy, whatever society chooses to call us. Running has been my outlet and as I start this post on how to start running when you are overweight I remember the warriors out there who are trying. There is a difference between you and those who sit back and…

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Overweight Running. How To Run Sexy With More

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Overweight running is all about overcoming anything that will take you away from being consistent. It is one thing to be an elite runner but it is a whole different ballgame to be overweight and struggling to get back into shape. You should not be ashamed by this. People jump to conclusions and never consider the feelings of those striving to do something that is already hard for lighter runners. Overweight runners are not lazy. I will never believe this….

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Running Tips For Overweight Runners

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What are some solid tips for overweight runners that will make the most impact? Are you are a member of the overweight group? Do┬áNOT lose heart. It is one thing if you are already in shape and this is what you do for a living (I have had that very unique opportunity) or if you have been running for many years. Athletes who are overweight have an enormous stress already placed upon them trying to learn to love this sport….

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