How To Overcome Negative Influence From Peers

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Seeking Ways To Overcome Negative Influence? How does one overcome negative influence? Is it easy to not confide in the normal way of thinking that surrounds us? It isn’t always easy. If you question authority you are looked upon as a rebel, disrespectful, an outcast. Negative influences surround us all but it doesn’t mean we […]

Balanced Running

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Balanced Running I had a great conversation this evening with Mario Fraoli, an accomplished 2.28 marathoner, and senior producer of Competitor Magazine. We talked over running and racing and got me to thinking about balance. I had an enormous opportunity to be a part of the Army World Class Athlete Program I come from a military […]

The Best Running Shoes

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Running shoes Although running barefoot was the preference of many running legends, it canít be denied that running shoe is your most important equipment as a runner. It acts as your first line of defense against any danger and injury, while helping you achieve your fullest potential. Running shoes greatly affect your performance so choosing the best […]